Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mid-Day Disco Dance Party, Round X

These haven't been around for awhile and because the weather is extra craptastic in DC I feel like everyone could use a little more pep in their step. Or... maybe it's just me.

To be honest, I'm still recovering from this past week - which I have now dubbed as, "the week(end) I stuck my face in a birthday cake (this really happened, and it was delicious) and made my legs (and entire body for that matter) hurt by too much dance partying and drinking waaaay too much whiskey, jager, tequila (GOOD GOD) and beer".

I also woke up on Sunday afternoon (!!!) and upon stumbling into the kitchen I saw our lampshade or rather, a glass fixture for our lamp, was in the vicinity of the kitchen sink. I'm pretty sure someone was trying to bong a beer out of it the night before? What the What?!

Basically, what I'm trying to say is, my friends rule. And so do you guys.

Consider this an Internet gift from me to you - and you should be happy because presents are awesome. And music presents are even more awesome! You see, last week I was listening to this mix, and was inclined to do a little bit more searching because I was inspired by the Martin Virgin "Mood for Dancing" track. It's been in The Beat Broker's Classy Dancer mix, featured in the inaugural post of DPC. And it's basically boss.

About Martin Virgin. He's a producer from Lithuania who released his first album in 2005; totally getting the head nod of approval from Crazy P (!!!!!), Prins Thomas, and other disco aficionados. He has a live disco show, another side project with two others (Proper Heat), and also has a radio show, "Love in Slow Motion" where this afternoon's Mid-Day DDP comes from.

Give it a listen. It is a nice cross between disco and some deeper house, but will definitely keep your feet tapping. Love the pick-up around the half-way mark, and like someone in the comments said, the Suzanne Kraft's "Morning Come" track that drops around the 9:20 mark is a popular track from 2011.

Love In Slow Motion - Love Club by Martin_Virgin

Track list:
1. Ron Basejam - Hell No
2. 78Edits - Something Here
3. Suzanne Kraft - Morning Come
4. Chet Faker - Love And Feeling (Sleep D Mix)
5. Hotel Motel - Eye Know (original mix)
6. Andy Hart - Sammy's Spiral
7. The Dead Rose Music Company - Kept The Faith
8. Sister S - Living Ecstasy (Norinton remix)
9. Trickski & Soul Clap - Members Of The Clap (Original Mix)
10. Lewie Day - Bedwetter
11. Daniel Bortz - Other Guy

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