Friday, February 1, 2013

DPC Local Showcase: Ozker

Quick: name arguably the hardest working DJ/producer/graphic designer/entrepreneur in the District of Columbia, and don’t cheat.

It might not be who you think.

Oscar Martinez, codename Ozker, is a real life renaissance man. Between no less than 5 current DJ residencies across D.C., producing original tracks, co-running Sleeper Cell Productions, and making inspired graphic art, Ozker puts on a daily seminar on how to hustle. With such an expansive reach, you’d almost expect Oz to be more hype than substance, more smoke than fire. Catch any one of his consistently varied, skilled, and eclectic DJ sets, and you’d unsubscribe from that theory in a heartbeat. They can range anywhere from jazz to disco to deep house, depending on the venue and crowd. Regardless of genre or sound, they all crackle with the same unbridled enthusiasm and joy that Ozker brings to every performance. Here’s a personal favorite of mine from Ozker’s vault:

Oz’s elasticity has been one of his greatest assets, and has helped propel him to greater and greater recognition as one of the city’s best up-and-comers. He recently teamed up with Will Eastman for an oozing, dreamy track stacked with warped synths and crisp percussion. Check it:

Where you find Ozker, you usually find Sleeper Cell Productions sponsoring the event. Co-founded by Oz and partner-in-crime Navi, Sleeper Cell is an outlet not only for music, but for digital design and art as well. This multifaceted approach to a production company has allowed Sleeper Cell to add a new wrinkle; they not only promote music, but all things D.C. culture as well.

Ozker has no cheap gimmicks - no alter-ego, no over-the-top persona, none of it. Instead, he comes across as the humble warrior, slaying dance floors and out-working the next guy in a single bound.

Check out Ozker next Wednesday at U Street Music Hall to help celebrate the relaunch of DPC 2.0!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

DPC Local Disco Showcase: DJ Smudge

What can we say about Lucas “Smudge” that hasn’t been said about [notable infamous socialite]...

"Maryland born turned into a man by the sounds of the city..."  Lucas, DJ Smudge is an enigma shrouded in cigarette smoke, behind a beard that would make Rick Ross raise an eyebrow. Behind the booth however, one thing is quite clear, the man exudes uncut, infectious party energy. It’s apparent in his style, selection, and reflected in the way crowds feed off him. Smudge gets around. He holds residencies at a number DC's favorite dance music locals: Eighteenth Street Lounge,  Velvet Lounge, Dodge City, and Saint-Ex. And whether it’s 90’s jammers, Rock, Disco, or Indie-Dance hits, the dude has a knack for leaving his mark on the party. -I’ve heard it referred to as being“smudged”- It’s the potential for a “smudging,” his deftness on the decks, and affinity for Disco that's got DPC excited (and slightly worried) to have him on the bill for the DC Disco Showcase/DPC relaunch party at U Street Music Hall next week.

Let’s dive into Smudgetown. This “End of Summer” mix is sonic collage of sounds that range “...from sultry to bouncy to reflective to groovin...”

And/or get “Smudged

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DPC Local Disco Showcase: Brian Billion

We are one week away from DPC’s relaunch festivities. Yes, I’m referring to the Local Disco Showcase at U Street Music Hall, on February 6th, and we’ve got your spotlights on each DJ of the line coming to you all week.

Brian Billion’s avatar
First up is an individual who needs no introduction to those who have  frequented the DC electronic music scene over the past decade. You’ve probably seen him at U Street Music Hall performing alongside Classixx or most recently Benoit & Sergio.

Or maybe at 9:30Club,  for the ridiculous 90's dance party known as "No Scrubs".

You might have even spotted him behind the booth at U Hall handling the lights that help create the perfect energy on the dance floor. 

Have you noticed all those amazing posters draped over the venue’s walls? He’s responsible for those as well.   Meet U Street Music co-owner and one of DC's favorite DJs, Brian Billion.

We recently caught up with the man and dished up a serving of rapid fire questions. So sit back and take a fantastic Disco voyage through his responses:

DPC: Biggest influences from the Classic Disco Era?

BB: Giorgio Moroder
         SOLAR Records (Los Angeles)

DPC: Nu Disco Era?

BB: Classixx
Ron Basejam

Hot Toddy

DPC: 3 Labels to watch in 2013?

BB: Futureboogie (UK)

      Dirt Crew (Berlin)

      Correspondant (Paris/Cologne)

DPC: Memorable disco experience?
BB: Dimitri From Paris 6-hour disco set at U Hall last year.

DPC: If you could see one DJ in 2013, it would be... ?

BB: Dixon

DPC Bonus Question: Who is the Queen of Disco ?

BB: Sylvester ------> CORRECT !

Give Brian's most recent mix a listen. It’s smooth and full of mood-setting Disco and House flavor.....drink it up!

Stay tuned this week, as we’ve got more spotlights, interviews, and mixes from the DJs who will be providing the grooves for DPC relaunch party, February 6, at U Street Music Hall.

Monday, January 28, 2013

State of the Dance Floor

Hey listeners, head-nodders, foot-tappers, and dance-floor fillers! The DPC Crew would like to announce that a week from today we'll be launching The Dance Party Chronicles "2.0". The "Little Email Chain That Could" is getting Nip-Tucked and revamped. We've come to realize that though we've been keeping you all aurally pleased, it’s past time we stimulated you visually as well. We’re like the housewife that let herself go and wears sweats everyday. So we're getting a bit of a face-lift and going up a cup size. This time next week we’ll be unveiling our new digs and overall upping our content game.

To celebrate, we would like to invite you all to get down with us at our favorite venue, U Street Music Hall. DPC, will be hosting and serving up a buffet of DC's favorite local Disco selectors: U Hall Co-Owner, Brian Billion, Ozker, DJ Provoke, Smudge, DPC Residents: Mr. Bonkerz, Remote Ctrl, and William DeVon; and to top off the festivities DJ/Producer, Bit Funk, will be headlining the event. 

No words exist to capture the level of exhilaration we have for the whole affair. Team DPC will be in full effect on the dance floor, behind the booth, and casually sipping whiskey by the bar. 

Event Page

We want to get you familiar, and as excited as we are. So for this week leading up to relaunch, we'll be doing spotlight coverage on each of the DJs. We'll get things started tomorrow...

For now, in the spirit of self promotion, here's some recent mixes from a few of the DPC in house disc jockeys:

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