Friday, September 2, 2011

Album Review: Crazy P - When We On

Right before I left work yesterday, I saw via Twitter that Crazy P's album, "When We On," was available for streaming. I jumped at the chance to take a listen because "There's a Better Place" is one of my favorite songs. Ever.

Crazy P: There's A Better Place by Cocoon Music
**I know I've included this in a previous post, but I am obsessed. LOVE.**

Only a few picked up that my failure a few weeks ago was an actual artist. And this was after I had to make a note of who Crazy Penis was, and what they were doing all over my iTunes. I guess if my name was Crazy Penis, I would come up with something like Crazy P, or some people may feel awkward referring to you. Like me. Cause every time I try and mention *hewhoshallnotbenamed*, I literally get the giggles, and then am slightly mortified - seriously.

And because I'm dedicating an entire post to Crazy Penis, I feel the need to offset my awkwardness with a picture of sunflowers I saw at the farmer's market last night. Too bad I couldn't get a picture of the lady looking at me like I was crazy as I took the picture. That one was definitely a keeper. And yes, I'm still obsessed with my iPhone. No, I will not stop posting 'hipster-esque' photos on the blog. I think it adds character??? And thanks for asking - we are STILL doing great.

Moving along... I ended up streaming the album in its entirety a few times (read: I have no life), and was surprised by the sound and beats I heard. It was very composed, and flowed together well. I know that music is supposed to be like that, but I'm so used to DDPs that literally have me wanting to fist pump and twirl in circles that this caught me a little off guard to be honest.

After more investigating, I learned this album was different than previous ones because Chris Todd and Jim Baron (the OGs of the group) decided to not include the entire band, and only used vocalist Danielle Moore. Her voice is angelic, by the way, and adds depth to the album that was wasn't found in their previous albums (in my opinion). (source)

The songs have a more downtempo beat, and Moore's vocals add a soulful vibe to the mix. One song that really stuck out to me was, "Heartbreaker" because it was the perfect mix of beats with her vocals laced beautifully to really tie the entire song together. I felt very relaxed during the song, something I wasn't expecting to feel. But I liked it.

My favorite song from the album hands down was "Eruption". It reminded me of some kind of disco/soul ballad that I could belt out (you don't want me to though), but also kept my head nodding with the beat. About 2:30 in the song got heavier and I was in disco nirvana.

Complete bliss was sealed as "Eruption" faded into "WeCanOnlyBeWhoWeAre", and I found myself in a very happy, relaxed state. And then I was slightly sad because it was over. So I streamed it again... and then looped "Eruption" three more times. The production and time put into this album is evident, and I cannot wait until September 19th when the album is released through 2020Vision.

**Fun fact (cause I didn't know this before): 2020Vision is a record label for other favorites of DPC: 2020 Soundsystem, Spirit Catcher, Greg Wilson, and Maya Jane Coles.

VIS215CD - Crazy P - When We On by 2020VisionRecordings

I know I fluff a lot of things on DPC, but that's only because I know I'm right (okay, I'm half kidding) but I do hope that you can take away some good music from here. I know I've really enjoyed getting more immersed in old mixes and songs that I wasn't familiar with, and I have enjoyed reviewing albums. I always forget that albums are around when there are so many mixes coming out (mind = blown. I know). And I know Rashad feels the same way, too. It's my understanding he really liked this mix (andnotjustforthealbumarteither).


  1. Best Album I have heard in awhile!

  2. Fun fact: I'm also in love with Maya Jane Coles!