Friday, August 12, 2011

A Cardio Disco Party...and Fail

I like perfection. I also don't like it when things don't go my way. Unfortunately for me, this happens a lot. Uhmmm.... yea.

I attempted to re-number the tracks on my iTunes for a playlist I made to share with everyone. Unfortunately, after a friend explained to me via GChat what to do (read: I thought I understood, but really did not at all), I somehow ended up with all of the artists names dubbed as "Crazy Penis". The first thing that went through my head, "OMG. This is awkward." And then I laughed a little. Until I realized I had to manually go back through and change all of the artists.

iTunes: 1
Becca: 0

The playlist above is strictly for dance parties at the gym. You know, when you're on the treadmill. Or maybe you're ellipticalling your little heart out. Perhaps you're a biker? Don't worry, this playlist doesn't discriminate. It's for everyone.

So after I fixed the names of all the artists, I tried finding a medium that I could put on the blog so you could stream this mix, or even download it (uhmm, help?). Second fail of the night. The mix is pretty much played at random when you stream it. So I spent like an hour trying to perfect, upload and stream this stupid mix. UGH.

Moral of the story? Don't try and make your playlists with an artist's name that begins with "Crazy Penis".

Edited to Add: Some people have been texting me, chatting me, etc and asking who the HECK "Crazy Penis" is. They are also known as "Crazy P", and consists of Chris Todd (Hot Toddy) and Jim Baron from the United Kingdom. The particular song I was trying to put first on the playlist is from their 2002 album, 'The Wicked is Music', and is called "There's a Better Place". It features samples from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Crazy P: There's A Better Place by Cocoon Music

This playlist is for cardio and my 10K on Sunday. The goal of it is easy: make me keep moving. It's supposed to be a progression, so when you're working out/racing/etc, you don't burn out the first 10 minutes, and then by the end you won't even want your workout to end!! So yea, listen to it at random - cause what you see is what you get folks. And maybe this will teach me to let Rashad do all of the 'fancy' blog stuff from now on.

And now I feel bad. Cause what's above isn't exactly what I envisioned. And really, who knows if anyone will actually like it. So here's a Zimmer mix that I enjoy whenever I need a little pick-me-up. Like this morning, when I realized how huge of a fail this post was.

Zimmer - Bright City Lights | June Mixtape by Zimmer
Jeremy Glenn - New Life
Goldroom - Morgan's Bay
Laberge - Million Dollar Party
Luke Million - Arnold
Popular People's Front - Party Over Here (Gigamesh Rework)
Tiger & Woods - Kissmetellmemore
Laydisco - More Tigers
Oxford - Holy Moon (Kartell Remix)
Munk - Can I have Your Attention ?
Madonna - Into The Groove (Kolombo Rework)
Golden Bug & Mustang - Soap Opera
Cordova - Paradigm
Peter & The Magician - Twist
Processory - Nightfall (Aeroplane Remix)
Tensnake - Something About You
Cosmic Kids - Reginald's Groove
Laid Back - Bakerman (Soul Clap Remix)
George Duke - Brazilian Love Affair (Zimmer Edit)
Classixx - Into The Valley (Julio Bashmore Remix)
6th Borough Project - If The Feelings Right


  1. You're nutty. Who WOULDN'T want a playlist that says penis all over it. PS great mix, I love it.

  2. LOL. I was trying to press "Apple + Z" furiously to get rid of my mistake! It didn't work!! I'm in the process of making that bread again (with percise measurments and tweaks)! See you in a week!!!