Welcome to the Dance Party Chronicles. This is a blog dedicated to keeping you dancing - or whatever it is that music does to you. We want to keep you, our readers, current with the latest DJ mixes, remixes, edits, and reworks.

DPC especially loves Disco, NuDisco, House, and Synth-Pop (and everything in between); and more than listening and dancing to these groovy, funky, spaced out, beats ourselves, we love to share our thoughts, anecdotes, and opinions. So pull up a seat. Grab some headphones. Take a shot of whiskey. And join our dance party.

The DPC Crew:

Rashad "Remote Ctrl" Williams

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Becca Thomas

Contributor/Resident Dance Machine:
Tyler "Sponge" Harrington

Contributor/Contending Dance Machine
William DeVon

Contributor/Cookie Fiend
Matt "Mr. Bonkerz" Lipsit

Sam Warren

DPC Resident DJs:

Remote Ctrl

William DeVon

Mr. Bonkerz

Sam Warren

Brothers From Another Planet
(DJ's William DeVon & Remote Ctrl)

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