Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Last night I could have used some of this.

Because I was trying to make my cubicle not look like this:

But I worked until 8:45 listening to this....and also this.

I probably should have done this, but instead I started playing this:

Downtown Party Network - Back To Basement by Downtown Party Network

1. Noir & Haze - Around (Solomun Vox Remix)
2. Cut Copy - Blink And You'll Miss A Revolution (A Chicken Lips Malfunction)
3. Phreek Plus One ft. Mr. White - Passion (DJ T Remix)
4. Genius Of Time - Houston We Have A Problem
5. Nicholas - When I Think About (Instrumental Mix)
6. PhonoKemi - Decompose (Original Mix)
7. Tom Budden - Someday (Original Mix)
8. Azari & III - Manic (Maceo Plex Remix)
9. Oliver S - Doin' Ya Thang (Original Mix)
10. Lance DeSardi - In The Midst (Bass Dub)
11. Vahagn - Relapse (Nick Chacona Remix)
12. Morten Sorensen - Burn Down (LPZ Remix)

I started looking at (godihaveahugebootproblemandimnotafraidtoadmitit) this.

And then maybe T H I S. So now I'm wishing I had some of this.

Seriously weekend. Get here now.


  1. Can we have a baking party soon?

  2. Yes!!! As soon as I figure out where all the pumpkin puree is hiding - I've been to two stores and all that I've seen is pumpkin pie filling :/

    But... I'm thinking of doing a lemon whoopie pie with lavender cream cheese filling (which was slightly inspired by those cupcakes you posted!)

    Now I forget, is this a baked treats blog, or music blog haha ; )