Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mid-Day Disco Party, Round V

Hello. Hi. How are you?

I'm back with another installment for your Mid-Day DDPing needs. And I have a good one for you guys. I know I say that every week, but I think this one takes the (hypothetical) cake. YUM. I'm always hesitant to share mixes with everyone because it's not easy deciding what to put up for our invisible Internet friends and my mom (Hi, Zena!) because the Internet is like this huge orgy of thoughts, ideas, mixes, music, blogs, and artists just waiting to be uncovered. Needless to say, it's a little overwhelming.

And what did we do before the Internet? Or cell phones? Or text messages? How did we keep in touch with anyone? Because let's be honest, if you can't text me the answer, I don't want to hear it. And cell phones with Internet?!? Whoa. Shut the freaking front door. What the hell will we come up with next?

Hopefully something that enables someone and/or something to take a shower for you. Because yea, I really do hate taking showers - I think they're a lot of work. But I still do it - for the sake of keeping my job and what friends I have left.

But we're not here to talk about personal hygiene - we're focusing on disco dance parties. And the Internet. And how it's so awesomely large and amazing (TWSS?), but sometimes it's hard to decide which mixes or artists that you guys will really enjoy and immerse yourselves into. I mean, not everyone loves the same thing. And while I may be in love with one mix, maybe it's not for you... Or maybe you just need to get your ears checked.

For reasons mentioned above, I spent a bunch of time mulling over which mix to choose for this edition of Mid-Day DDP, and decided on one that dropped in February 2011 by Social Disco Club, so maybe you've heard it. But chances are even if you have, you probably need a refresher. It's just that darn good. Disco Deviance has a radio show that broadcasts on the last Thursday of every month at 8pm worldwide that has featured artists such as Craig Smith, Cosmic Boogie, and Dicky Trisco.

Social Disco Club (Hands of Time) is DJ/Producer Humberto Matias, who hails all the way from Porto, Portugal. Upon seeing his name, you may not recognize him, but what if I played you this track?

Johnwaynes - Falling Leaves (Social Disco Club Remix) [Groovement] by Social Disco Club

Sound familiar? It's the song that starts out one of my favorite mixes by Aeroplane (before they broke up, and no I don't want to talk about it), and one of the mixes I instantly fell in love with because of that very song.

This Mid-Day DDP mix starts out with a foreshadowing song, "Good Times" by Chic, and the funky-disco vibe stays around until around the 12 minute mark when Martin Brodin's remix of Newcleus' song "Jam On It" drops. This made me a very happy panda because I love Newcleus, and Martin Brodin's remix is a great tune. Some other highlights include the 24 minute mark when B.T. Express' funky song, "Does It Feel Good(To You)" comes around, and puts me on a one-way train to funky town. Another track that surprised me was the Talking Heads song "This Must Be The Place (Psychemagik Naive Edit). One that I have definitely not heard before, but wish it was played more.

Disco Deviance Pulse Radio Show 04 - Social Disco Club Mix by Disco Deviance

From there on out a disco dance party ensues. I suggest you forgo that afternoon cup of coffee and grab some headphones because a serious DDP is about to happen. And please don't be sad when it's over because there are plenty of mid-day disco dance parties to come!

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