Monday, August 8, 2011

Music to Cure That Case of the Mondays

Note: I wrote this last night. Clearly my mind didn't wrap around the fact that it is almost 11:30AM on Monday, and I am now just posting this. If you're looking for more Monday cures, check out Rashad's Sleazy Beats recommendation. It really is serious music for jogging. Try it, and don't blame me if you get weird looks for having a dance party at the gym.

Want to know a secret? I was in bed until around 4PM today. I'm still wearing my pajamas and a U Street Music Hall stamp may or may not still be on the inside of my right wrist. I think my raging hangover and the faint soreness in my legs can be attributed to this. The 'moderation' game was attempted, and I epically failed. I forfeited the game when a friend showed up with a handle of Maker's Mark. Hey! We all win!

I am already dreading tomorrow's day at work - even though it isn't even Monday yet.

These mixes are some gems that have been circulating via email since November 2010, so I can't take all of the credit. The email was dubbed, 'womp womp' (I have no idea why?) and it's still going strong 9 months later.

I could probably spend hours on the computer finding mixes or music (full disclosure: I've been known to send a month's worth of music in a sitting). Some people think it's crazy... I'd like to call it a gift.

So please accept these 'presents' from me, and cure your Monday morning blues with some happy, shiny, mixes and songs that make me dance in my cubicle. And look at that, I actually included a little bit of fun facts with the music this time.

How do you cure your case of the Mondays?
Coffee. Music. Kitchen Therapy (baking!)

Ichisan-From The Other Side Mixtape by Ichisan Mixes Page
Ichisan is the bomb. If you haven't heard of him before, you need to get familiar with this Slovenian DJ. He was a photographer and guitarist turned DJ whose genre can be considered Nu-Disco. His mixes can range anywhere from very dancey (LOVE!) to ambient, spaced out disco. I really hope I'll be able to catch him one day. Or
I will just go on 'nu-disco' tour in Europe, hitting up all of the clubs my favorite DJs and producers frequent. Who wants to come?

AZARI & III - DJ MIX by warmhq
Azari & III are two producers that hail from Toronto. You may be familiar with their song, Wreckless (With your Love), or even Hungry for the Power. The remix HFTP by Art Department is one of my favorite songs. Ever. This mix is one big dance party, and really starts to pick up around 9 minutes, with HFTP being dropped around the 16 minute mark. Around 23 minutes you get lost into a space-disco odyssey, and you will soon forget it's Monday. And only 11:30 AM.

BOTTIN Presents TINPONG - New Religion [Marcus Marr Remix] by Marcus Marr
My new DFA crush. Sorry, Shit Robot. You've been replaced. However, both of your songs featured in last week's Beats in Space radio show were in Shit Robot's guest mix, so it was like my top two DJs ever found in one mix... LOVE!

Obsessed. Maybe you'll get a mix with this song featured in it soon. (read: tomorrow)

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  1. Excuse me. I may or may not be that "Maker's Mark" friend of yours. May I remind you..who was pouring those jagerbombs?! I'm not completely at fault here. Party on, Wayne ;)