Friday, February 1, 2013

DPC Local Showcase: Ozker

Quick: name arguably the hardest working DJ/producer/graphic designer/entrepreneur in the District of Columbia, and don’t cheat.

It might not be who you think.

Oscar Martinez, codename Ozker, is a real life renaissance man. Between no less than 5 current DJ residencies across D.C., producing original tracks, co-running Sleeper Cell Productions, and making inspired graphic art, Ozker puts on a daily seminar on how to hustle. With such an expansive reach, you’d almost expect Oz to be more hype than substance, more smoke than fire. Catch any one of his consistently varied, skilled, and eclectic DJ sets, and you’d unsubscribe from that theory in a heartbeat. They can range anywhere from jazz to disco to deep house, depending on the venue and crowd. Regardless of genre or sound, they all crackle with the same unbridled enthusiasm and joy that Ozker brings to every performance. Here’s a personal favorite of mine from Ozker’s vault:

Oz’s elasticity has been one of his greatest assets, and has helped propel him to greater and greater recognition as one of the city’s best up-and-comers. He recently teamed up with Will Eastman for an oozing, dreamy track stacked with warped synths and crisp percussion. Check it:

Where you find Ozker, you usually find Sleeper Cell Productions sponsoring the event. Co-founded by Oz and partner-in-crime Navi, Sleeper Cell is an outlet not only for music, but for digital design and art as well. This multifaceted approach to a production company has allowed Sleeper Cell to add a new wrinkle; they not only promote music, but all things D.C. culture as well.

Ozker has no cheap gimmicks - no alter-ego, no over-the-top persona, none of it. Instead, he comes across as the humble warrior, slaying dance floors and out-working the next guy in a single bound.

Check out Ozker next Wednesday at U Street Music Hall to help celebrate the relaunch of DPC 2.0!

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