Friday, August 12, 2011

State of the Dancefloor

Apologies for the lack of posts yesterday; it’s been a busy week for my co-author and I. Don’t worry though, there are some exciting things coming! We are working on having regular guestmixes from some of our DJ friends, improving the site design, and better ways for you all to keep up with our posts, among increasingly better quality content of course. I just wanted to share my shock and appreciation for all the support and positive feedback we have received over the past week. I have become addicted to watching our stats and have been blown away by how quickly we are approaching 1000+ pageviews (it’s actually creepy how much google tracks…Why are some of you still using Internet Explorer btw?). If you enjoy this blog, please subscribe to our RSS feed or “Like” us on Facebook, I always feel a little weird blasting Facebook and want to move away from that soon. Alright, I’m done with sappy stuff/begging for attention. Let’s get to the MUSIC!

Here’s some upbeat, summertime, French House-esque, feel-good Disco for your Friday enjoyment. I am not too familiar with this label, but they’ve shared an assortment of samples from their newly released complication album, “Summer Waves Vol.1”. After listening to just a few of the tracks, I had to hit that little “Follow” button on their Soundcloud page. Look out for these tracks in DJ mixes to come, perhaps even from yours truly. Sit back and let it ride, there’s some gems in there.  

SDR-012 VA - Summer Waves Vol.1 by Stardust Records


  1. Witty post title, hahahaha I think we're on a first-name basis now, yea?

  2. :D ...yes, bakema- ...i meannn becca, we are!