Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What do Lamps and Hipsters have in Common?

They don't dance. I just made that up. Is that offensive? I'm not sure if it is or not, cause I literally just picked the first inanimate object that popped into my head. I'm sorry I'm not sorry if I offended anyone who just read that. Although, if I did offend you, I can only guess that you either have this weird obsession with lamps, or you're a hipster. I digress.

Welcome to The Dance Party Chronicles. Why? Because we like to dance! (.....Sorry if you don't). God, that's really going to get old. I must admit, my judgment cannot always be trusted. (Full disclosure: I'm usually at the bar, commanding jager bombs). I'm also easy to please (Full dislclosure: give me a cupcake and I'll be happy). I love a good beat. I love anything that makes me want to tap my feet. Maybe twirl in circles, or even bust out a 'carwash' move every once in awhile (Full disclosure: that's my dance move. Come pick me out of a crowd. Trust me, it won't be hard).

Anyway, back to the 'substance' of this post. I just got home from an awesome concert. Actually, my co-author did, too. And I'm pretty sure we both can agree on a few things...
  1. The 9:30 Club is so much more appealing when beer is free for an hour. Especially when you can get four beers at a time. Seriously. I don't know what was better; the look I got from the bartender as I awkwardly tried to carry four beers away from the bar, or the music.
  2. Hipsters don't dance. I think if there could be a math equation that could fit what happened tonight it would be hipsters^squared = I've never seen so many heads nodding.
  3. When going to concerts, you can't ever expect anything like a jam band concert. And this is something I just cannot get over. Wait. You're not playing for 3 hours? With two sets?! How dare you!
Okay. So all jokes aside. Yeasayer was great. If you know me, I love dance parties. I love disco. And I love anything with soulful, deep undertones - and this was not it. I'd like to consider myself (after tonight) a more musically open-minded human being, so I will give myself a pat on the back.

I think the best part about this concert was in the middle (so this means about 20 minutes in...), my friend looks over at me and goes, "ugh, this is the exact same as the Cut Copy show." And it's like Yeasayer knew what we were thinking, "Come on, more energy!"
Soon after, the tempo picked up. Our bodies started moving, and we slowly realized that seriously, this band can get weird. I heard something between animal, tribal cries, and undertones of synthy beats (I can't make this shit up - though maybe the four beers in my mind can).

I left feeling rather satisfied. And happy. Because if you didn't already know from reading about three times - I freaking LOVE dance parties.

Please stay tuned for another post. I assure you most of the posts will not be solely 'reviews'. Because let's be honest, and I am a very honest person.... I like to have fun. And my co-author does too. Therefore, most of the time, while we can analyze and appreciate the music, we're there to let loose, and not stress. And that in turn means we're having a blast with some of our closest friends, dancing and drinking the night away. This also gives opportunities for awesome stories. If you know me, I am like the awkwardest person...ever. So I'm pretty sure some embarrassing, awkward, yet hilarious stories will surface at one point or another.

This blog will also feature tons of mixes that are listened to, and other music that we deem appropriate. Disco, funk, soul, deep house, etc etc. You like it, we'll probably feature it. So please, grab a seat, some popcorn, and your headphones. Cause it's about to get weird.

And just because you've read all of this nonsense, I'll leave you with some parting music. This mix features one of my favorite DJs who surprisingly hails from the United States. This mix is very dancy, hence the name, and can get you going through that 2 PM snooze fest you want to take. Around the 13 minute mark it starts to pick up, and it can also be a great motivator whilst on a run! But most importantly, this mix can be enjoyed while changing a flat tire in the suburbs of Washington, DC (**cough cough** HA).

The Beat Broker - Classy Dancer (mix 2009) by the Beat Broker


  1. YES! YES! YES! If I loved you 2 anymore it would just be creepy. Ok, maybe it already is...

  2. I just found this blog today and was so horrified that I hadn't discovered it like 9 years ago, since I live here too and love to dance and love all the music you've been posting. And then I realized that it seems like it's only existed for like two weeks and I was honestly relieved that I have not been as behind at keeping up on cool stuff as I feared. Phew. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks, Kim! I wish this blog was started 9 years ago :D

    Thanks for the kind words, you're making us Internet blush. Come say hi to us next time you're at U Hall, I'll probably make you take a jager bomb with me haha (and by probably, I mean definitely)

  4. Will do! So long as you promise not to think it's creepy when strangers from the internet want to be your dance friend :)