Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm a sucker for synth...

The 22 year old Argentinian, Toomy Disco, adds some disco flavor to the electro-pop band, Tesla Boy's 80's synth-pop track "Thinking of You". I dare you to resist moving when the dance inducing synth bass drops. Full of 80's New Wave cheese and backed by airy synth harmonies, the vocals keep things sexy and effervescent (a la Holy Ghost!). This one will be popping up in DJ mixes to come. Give it a go..and dance a little (it's good for you!). 

Toomy Disco's tracks remixes are always on point. Take a browse through his Soundcloud page and you will come across dancey gems like his remix of Bottin & Rodion's "Shooting Star" (a favorite of my mine). 

Tesla Boy - Thinking Of You (TD Unofficial Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD(!) by Toomy Disco

Update: Hmmm...seems like the track was pulled from soundcloud. Here's a DL link

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