Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spotlight: The Swiss!.....(from Australia)

The Swiss are Luke Million and Tony Mitolo. My co-author and I got the chance the see the Austalia based outfit live in Baltimore at The Talking Heads Club (a humble "dive" bar below Sonar). As a live band they are accompanied by bassist Sidwho?. I don't think other 20, or so, people there and myself were quite ready for what we about to experience.

But let's pull the record back for sec...
My first taste of The Swiss' bubbly, synth-fused, space-disco sound was on Aeroplane's (pre-split up) classic 2010 January Chart Mix (a DPC favorite). Beeps, Boops, and Untz a plenty, their track "Manthem" delights the ears and hits with one of those "Whoa, who the F is this?!" moments.

Alright, cue it back to last summer...
The 20 something people and I at the Talking Heads Club watched the 3-piece set-up the gear and instruments on-stage. Luke, curly permed hair and all, sets up his assortment of synthesizers and midi keyboards. Tony, a hulking mass of Aussie, adjusts his ironically very minimal 3-peice drum kit. Lastly, Sidwho?, with hair and a bass guitar straight out of the 80's, plucks a few notes to check his tuning. Tony pulls a mic towards himself, and humbly declares in his down-under accent, "Hi, We are The Swiss we're from Australia". He gives the count and the band goes to work.

Spacey synth melodies, grooving soultry basslines, and steady Untz-y rhythm. The result? Dance. Party. (And if you haven't gathered as much yet, we're sort of into that around here)

Check out their debut EP:

Bubble Bath EP by The Swiss

Fast-forward a year later...
The Swiss recently offered up a little preview of thier upcoming release (due September 5). It's a 1 minute collage of song snippets, and if this tease is any indication of what to expect...we'll all be dancing to the cosmic synth, funky basslines, and body movin' rhythyms of the Aussie trio very soon.


Sneak Peaks by The Swiss

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