Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Friday! TRAVELS by Tensnake (oki-ni Mix)

Here's a fresh mix by another DPC favorite Tensnake!

This mix is patient and well thought out.  The first few tracks clock in some low BPM's. "Open Arms" by Synkro kicks off the mix with a sexy R&B/downtempo hip-hop vibe. Not something I expected, but a pleasant ease into the progressively more dancey tunes to come. At about 14 min in, Tensnake kicks it into full on dance mode with Tiger and Woods' "Girls Like Boys". Watch out as he dabbles in some house/disco-house a little after the midway point of the mix. A welcomed treat and change in vibe. The tail end gets deep, and finishes off with his remix of Mark E's "Call Me". Be patient with this mix; anyone can throw together a collage of dance floor bangers. The Hamburg native shows us what it means to be a skilled DJ in taking us a sonic journey, rather than smacking just us with an hour of 4-on-the-floor beats. This one is smooth and sexy overall. Let it get you loose and into that Friday dance party mode. Enjoy!

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