Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

One of these days I will buy an umbrella. I'm starting to realize that standing under a tree in my neighborhood while waiting for a bus is okay, but walking into work wet is not okay. Maybe I should get a cupcake top-hat to protect my hair from the rain:

Need a Halloween costume idea? Head over to our Facebook page to see some DPC readers' costumes. Last year I was Cheer Bear and attended a concert outdoors so it kept me nice and warm. But you know what else kept me nice and warm? Running away from everyone trying to get pictures of me and/or attempting to bear hug me since I was in a pink sweatsuit with a rainbow on it.

The winner of best costume in the comments gets a cool prize!!! And by cool prize I mean I'll send you things like cookies or cupcakes, and a book that I really like (about music) and other random crap. You should probably comment.

Do you need a track to be obsessed with? It was featured in The Magician's Magic Tape 16 that was released this week, and I've literally played it about 30 times this week. In fact, I am obsessed with almost every track that Shook has remixed now.

Fallulah - I Lay My Head (Shook Remix) by Shook (Official)

DPC is headed to Chromeo and Breakbot to celerage Halloween this Saturday, and we love this mini mix. Super dancey and awesome. If you're on the fence to head to a concert and Breakbot is playing - this should do the trick. Expect a full review from one of us after the weekend.

Breakbot - Dance On Glass Mix 03 by user55848

Speaking of Breakbot, I heard this song in Old Navy the other week, and was pleasantly surprised. It is hands down my "happy song" for when I need a little pick me up, it's also featured in the opening track of Aeroplane's January 2010 mix. OBSESSED!

Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours (feat. Irfane) by edbangerrecords

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