Friday, October 28, 2011

Rambla Boys - Valderrambla EP

Happy Friday DPCer's

Music has just been pumping out lately and there's a lot of quality stuff out there to sort through. I got the opportunity to listen to a recently released EP from Italian group, The Rambla Boys. Entitled Valderrambla, it is their first official EP release and comes by way of Mozzerlla Recordings. 

The title track is a rowdy Disco House romp. Tons of bounce and French-House-esque chops. Mind the classic Disco vocals and funky guitar licks, you're in for a good time with this one. 

Moranzani is smoothed out chill out Disco House affair with lovely and spacey synth leads. There's still plenty of bounce from the percussion that rides a subtle yet groovin' bassline. 

Cocomero is an Italo flavored NuDisco track. There's a bit of Housey-ness on the rhythm that the boys seem to favor. But the real treat are the nice synthy chords move this one along at a seductive tempo.

The title track remixes are just as fun as the original. Scoula Furano's take is House downed (with random bits of Break beats here and there) and lead with dark synth chords. Ashton's "Nu Disco Workout" take is, well, just that! The tempo is dropped a little and deep funky bassline keeps things moving. It has got some sexiness to it, with the gorgeous synth melodies working nicely with the chopped sample of the original track. Look out for these guys. This very solid release all around. Check it out for yourself! 

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