Monday, November 21, 2011

DPC Guestmix Series 05: Drop Out Orchestra

I'm excited to share with you, the fifth installment of our DPC Guestmix Series, a mix from our favorite DJ-Band Hybrid, Drop Out Orchestra. We originally planned on posting this next Monday and stick with our every other Monday guestmix schedule, but we were too eager to share this mix with you all to wait. Consider it an early Thanksgiving present from DPC. This Thanksgiving season we are thankful for great mixes and tracks that make us move, friendly artists like Drop Out that are willing to do mixes for us, and of course YOU, our readers.

Drop Out Orchestra is a couple of Swedish musicians/djs that incorporate some of the thickest, sexiest, grooviest basslines into their music. Rather than sharing their identities or talking about themselves, they perfer to share the music they love with the people who love it. They emphasize this by placing black bars (sometimes digitally, sometimes physically) over their eyes in pictures they post to the web. DOO likes to incorporate instruments (mostly bass guitar) and sometime live vocals and percussion into their DJ sets.

Lately, Drop Out has been pumping out great music. The group released a new EP this past Monday called, "Songs About Stuff." Preview it on Soundcloud or purchase a vinyl copy on Juno. Drop Out also recently released a new track called "It Will Never Be the Same Again" that was featured on Aeroplane's "In Flight Entertainment" album. In addition they continue to put out excellent remixes (My Fav.) and quality mixes on Soundcloud for their monthly Mix Sessions series.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the mix they did for us and I think you will too. It features some new tracks and is sure to make you move. Gary from Drop Out Orchestra was nice enough to take the time and respond to a few questions I had for him:

TH: You guys just released a new EP "Songs About Stuff" this past Monday. Can you tell us a little bit about this album?

Gary: Well, a lot of people ask us about vinyl and eventually someone offered to press. We don't release our stuff on vinyl on a regular basis but every now and then it's nice to get the tracks out on plastic. I've been collecting records all my life and you can't beat the feeling of getting your own sounds cut on to vinyl. If it's coloured vinyl - even better! As far as I know a small number of this 12" has also been cut on red vinyl, so I'm well happy. It's an EP of four reworks, three of them have been up on our Soundcloud as free downloads. Not the full version of "Girls On Film" though, that one is new and it's out on digital today too. That one is my favourite, we love to play it live.

TH: What should fans expect to see from Drop Out Orchestra in the coming months?

Gary: We're in the studio this month, working on remixes and bootlegs - I've already sent some new stuff out to DJs and we'll be testing new tracks on our upcoming shows in December. We've got remixes for Black Strobe and Billie Ray Martin's new project Opiates coming out soonish. And we've just started planning for a new album.

TH: We noticed that you recently got a new booking agent for booking shows in the U.S., Canada and South America. Can we expect to see Drop Out touring on this side of the Atlantic Ocean in 2012?

Gary: Yes we're very excited about this, we joined booking agents Bond Music Group and as far as I know plans are being made for us to come over early next year. Over the last few months we've been playing all over Europe and it's been fantastic. People really seem to like the idea of live bass being played over the tracks, or should I say under, and it gets us interacting with the dancers a whole lot more. I personally can't wait to play in the US, I know a lot of people over there listen to our stuff, we get tons of emails and social media comments asking us to come play Denver, Santa Monica and all kinds of places I've only seen on TV.

TH: What are some of your favorite artists and tracks right now?

Gary: On our little scene I have to mention Lou Teti in New York. He is one of the most talented producers I've ever come across, and he's a great singer too! We've done some remix swaps and I think we have mutual respect for each others work. Hopefully I can get him to collaborate with us on some original material in the future. Aeroplane is great. Vito has helped us a lot in our carreer, promoting our sounds all over the place. Gotta love his productions, they are as tight as they come. My favourite track right now is a slow mo synth bopper by Copycat called "Disco Thang". He is from Sweden like us, and definitely one to watch. If the guy in charge of the soundtrack to Drive would have heard the song it would have been in the film, definitely, it's exactly that vibe. Other than that I've been listening to really old records, as usual. A lot of Dionne Warwick 45s this week.

TH: Our blog is all about music like yours that keeps us dancing. Whats your favorite dance move?

Gary: Oh I don't know anything about that haha. I know I look like an idiot when I dance but I still do it. We had a good boogie in Italy the other weekend, in Perugia. The guy who runs the night dropped some fantastic stuff after our set, like "Seven Days Too Long", and New Order. Totally unexpected. Back in the day when I did drugs all the time I used to do big-fish-little-fish-
cardboard-box but it was probably a dorky move even then haha.

Songs About Stuff:

Download Here

01. Copycat - Disco Thang
02. The Treatment - On and On (Leca Remix)
03. Satin Jackets & Rocco Raimundo - This Is The Love
04. Casual Encounters - Casual Boogie (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
05. Sylvester - Tell Me (Munga Verseless Edit)
06. JP Source - Groove From The Machine
07. Moby - The Right Thing (Cosmonauts Remix)
08. Hotel Motel - Donna Nook
09. Justin Winks vs. Casio Social Club - Rock the Discotheque
10. Inspiro - Funky Spaces
11. The O'Jays - Back Stabbers (Drop Out Orchestra Edit)
12. Rolla Scape – Super Car (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
13. Drop Out Orchestra – It Will Never Be The Same Again / Relight My Fire edit

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  1. SO awesome, I love them. Can't wait to see them hop overseas next year for some shows.

  2. Thanks Cooper! Definitely can't wait to see where DOO ends up in the US : )