Monday, October 24, 2011

Aeroplane- In Flight Entertainment

Aeroplane's compilation album, "In Flight Entertainment" dropped today. I grabbed a copy off of Amazon this morning in order to help cure my case of "The Mondays." I've been looking forward to this release ever since I saw the tracklist. The album was released by Eskimo Recordings and includes tracks from the likes of Poolside, BXENTRIC, Her Styler, Drop Out Orchestra, Martin Dubka, Stars on 33, Kolombo, Riptide, The Cosmonauts, Oliver, Jame Curd, Moonlight Matters, and Aeroplane (obviously).

The album begins with "Take Me Home" by Poolside. This track is the type of mellow daytime disco that this DJ duo is known for. The next song is called "Foolishness" by BXENTRIC. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album. I know that I have definitely heard it before but can't really place where. My other two favorites on the compilation are Aeroplane's "Save Me Now" and Moonlight Matters' "Say A Lot." Overall I think this was a solid compilation with some very danceable tunes. I would definitely say it was worth the 8$. Expect to see tracks from this album and remixes of them in a bunch of mixes over the next couple of months.

Below is the tracklist and a stream of the entire album from Eskimo Recordings' SoundCloud page.

01. Poolside – Take Me Home
02. BXENTRIC – Foolishness (Vocodub Mix)
03. Herr Styler – Zero Ghosts Out The Door
04. Drop Out Orchestra – It Will Never Be The Same Again
05. Martin Dubka – Through Thorns To The Stars
06. Stars On 33 – Something You Can Feel
07. Aeroplane – Save Me Now
08. Kolombo – Daylight (feat. Michael Parker)
09. RipTide – Sophie
10. Cosmonauts – Snakes Head
11. Oliver – Memories Of The Future
12. James Curd – Let’s Burn It All (feat. Devin Byrnes)
13. Moonlight Matters – Say A Lot

Aeroplane - In Flight Entertainment (compilation) by eskimorecordings

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