Friday, October 21, 2011

David August - Diynamic Radioshow Oct. 2011

It's almost as if the Soundcloud and Dance Party Gods were looking down upon me after I published yesterday's post. And thank goodness for Soundcloud because I now have another new DJ that I can become obsessed with (!!!). Cue all my guy friend's groaning cause now I won't shut up about this one.

20 year old (!!!) David August is a house/deep house DJ/Producer from Berlin. As a child, August was a piano player and at the young age of 15, he began DJing. Only two years ago he released his first EP, and also has a residency at Diynamic's Club EGO. (source)

After looking at EGO's calendar of events - I find myself wanting to book a flight to Hamburg, Germany for some epic dance parties. Who wants to join me? More importantly, who wants to buy my plane ticket or sneak me in their suitcase?

August was the spotlight for Diynamic's Radioshow this past week, and did not disappoint. At numerous points I found myself backtracking to segues and peaks that were freaking amazing. And I'm not exaggerating either. Around the 8 minute mark "Supreme" by Doctor Dru & Adana Twins drops. Love the piano in it and it's simply soothing to me.

It really boggles my mind (probably out of slight jealousy) that people can actually put together tracks so seamlessly. Or seem to pick the right tracks that work and speak to people. I mean, don't mind me - I'm just your average Asian girl, I'll be over here...enjoying the music, dancing in the corner and taking some shots to the face while you're playing beautiful music.

The 17 minute marks Moullinex's happy song, "Sunflare", where I found myself singing along. And it starts to get going around 21 minutes as Slow Hands' track, "Kreuzberg Blues" hits which changes the tempo of the mix - and it is a w e s o m e. That's right, so awesome that it needed space in between it. Duh. I could go on and on about the different parts, but I will highlight the 37 minute mark which seems to be a favorite among the comments on Soundcloud. Me? I'm obsessed with it.

And if someone wants to find the song, I'm sure Rashad would be grateful because I was bugging him about it (via GChat) for about an hour yesterday as I kept asking him the difference between samples, edits, and music definitions I don't understand. I immediately recognized the sample which our friend, Mr. Bonkerz, has included in Volume 4 of his mixes. Rashad informed me it wasn't the same song - the track wasn't slowed down, and then explained musical lingo that I once again didn't understand (woops).

The mix rounds out nicely and another highlight of mine was at 48 minutes. Once it was over, it left me feeling a little sad. I hate and love when that happens because I want more! So I obliged my feelings and promptly listened to this mix 3 more times and decided this will now be the mix that I will be playing whenever people come over.

Sorry I'm not sorry but I'm pretty sure my taste in music is better - therefore I get to choose what goes on at all times. Though after taking one listen to this, I'm sure you wouldn't object to have this playing either.

David August - Diynamic Radioshow - October 2011 by davidaugust

PS - Does anyone else agree he is extremely good-looking? Because my hand is raised.
PPS - Go Hokies! As you read this, I'm getting ready to head to Blacksburg for the first time in almost 2 years. Be happy for me, but also scared. Hello, Homecoming weekend full of awesome decisions.
PPPS - What are you excited for this weekend?

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