Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hannulelauri - Mix

I have come to the conclusion that sometimes not everything fits into place. And as a perfectionist, that bothers me. A lot. It sucks to have high hopes for something, and then it's not really what you expected. The last few nights have been tough; nothing has clicked. Each mix I started with, I was left unsatisfied, or disinterested. And don't even get me started on how many unfinished posts I have in my email right now. Or do - maybe you'll see more rants, stupid stories, and synonyms about hipsters.

At any given moment, I probably have a queue of like 20 mixes and/or artists I work through or try to give a listen to before I send it to friends, or put it on the blog. That's weird, but I'm weird - so I guess it works out. Funny how music works like that; one mix you'll feel an instant connection, and the next there's nothing. So I thought it would be a great time and/or idea to showcase some mixes that are favorites of DPC, but you may not come across unless you do some digging.

It's way too late to start dissecting the mix, but the mix comes from Hannulelauri, a duo from Helsinki, Findland. Their name originates from combining their two names together - cute. Too bad their names weren't something easier - because I find myself saying their name in my head, and I know if I said it aloud, it would be completely butchered.

You may be familiar with one of their more well-known singles that was dropped last September, Zombie Tropicana, that is exactly what DDPs are made of:

Hannulelauri - 'Zombie Tropicana' by La.Ga.Sta.

This particular mix was recorded one year ago - TODAY! Cool, right? You can find the mix here on And holy crap. Browse the site, people - there's tons of gems in there for everyone's DDP needs! Hannulelauri's mix for showcases their ability to mesh songs with a more tribal feel with space disco all together while making it sound awesome. Did that make any sense? I hope it did because I love the vibe to this mix. Take a listen and see what you may have been blasting through your headphones one year ago - today.

Hannulelauri - mix 20/10/2010 by Hannulelauri

01. Unknown - Yuku Yuku (Chee Shimizu Mix)
02. Blakula - Witches Crew
03. Max Essa - The One U Want 2 B (Soft Rocks Manhattan Transfer Mix)
04. Hunee - Barrio Payment
05. Dave Aju & The Sol Percussion Ensemble - Flexa
06. Wareika - Belonging
07. Mim Suleiman - Flava
08. COS/MES - Gozmez Land
09. Jens Loden & Sheharzad - Yalla Yalla (Kid Who Cosmic Mix)
10. Discodeine feat. Matías Aguayo - Singular
11. Sterling Void - Serve It Up
12. Mr Raoul K - Sun Of Gao (City Mix)
13. Elektro Guzzi - Elastic Bulb

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