Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kamp! - Mixtape 01

Does someone want to write this post for me? Uhhh, seriously?!

Last night I decided to do an "arm blast workout" on our television because sometimes I get sick of cardio disco parties. And when I say I'm sick of cardio disco parties I mean the strength of my arms resembles that of a 5 year old. #notstrongasiangirlproblems

That TWELVE minute program has resulted in me having a harder time putting stuff in my mouth (TWSS?). So not only am I sore, I am also tired because the amount of coffee ingested has not been enough. At all. With that being said, stay away if you know what's good for you.

Last week I mentioned "Kamp!" because I am obsessed with one of their songs, "Cairo", and Moullinex does an awesome remix of the song. I really enjoy the original and many artists included it in their mixes about a month or two ago!

Cairo by Kamp!

After more investigation (and by investigation I mean searching Soundcloud) I found a Mixtape that Kamp! released last month. It has the ability of taking me to my happy place. After showing Rashad the mix, he responded with, "wow that tracklist is so random," Yes, yes it is - but it works.

Especially around the 3:15 minute mark when Tood Tejre's remix of Paul Simon's "Diamond" comes on. Give me a pina colada and a big straw hat!

Hall and Oates is bomb. There, I said it. 5:50 in. You're welcome! And around the 16:30 mark an oldie, but goodie comes up - Aeroplane's remix of Lindstrøm & Christabelle's "Baby Can't Stop" which flows very nicely into Falke and Alan Braxe's "Love Lost", and even better into Groove Armada's re-edit of "Josephine". And finally, the last 'highlight' I will mention is at the 32:27 where it marks my obsession with Mirror People's remix of "More Tigers".

Give this quick mixtape a listen - you will NOT be disappointed. But if you are, I'll UPS you some of these:

Because yes, my baking obsession continues. Help me. I baked 40+ cookies last night and ate 4 just to make sure they were good. Verdict: They were.

And so is this mixtape!

Kamp! - mixtape 01 by Kamp!

king crimson - WAITING MAN
paul simon - DIAMONDS (todd terje tangoterje bub remix)
hall & oates - I CAN’T GO FOR THAT
jensen sportag - EVERYTHING GOOD
les edits du golem - PYRAMIDE
lindstrom & christabelle - BABY CAN’T STOP (aeroplane remix)
alan braxe & fred falke - LOVE LOST
chris rea - JOSEPHINE (groove armada re-edit)
afrika bambaataa & family feat.ub40 - RECKLESS (vocal wildstyle mix)
lazy disco - MORE TIGERS (mirror people remix)
kamp! - AZURE
andreas vollenweider - MANDRAGORA

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