Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fresh'N'New Music: Sparkless

Every so often you come across a mix that is nothing short of something special. I think DJ mixes often get written off or discredited as an expression of art. When it comes to live sets, the DJ can come prepared with set list and adjust the selections accordingly to fit the mood of crowd. With a recorded mix, it's a one shot deal. The DJ has to select and mix in such a way to keep you listening till the end, and hopefully hitting "repeat". Every DJ has their own style and technique. To keep me tuned, I want you tell me a story, capture a mood or vibe: Take me on a sonic journey. That's how you enthrall me.

This next mix in the Fresh'N'New Music series I am playing with this week comes from Alex Khomenko, a.k.a SPARKLESS. In this set, smooth and atmospheric, almost ambient at times, Deep House tracks come together seamlessly to capture and express the feeling of the "Last Sunny Days". Sparkless describes:

People - Wake up!
Last rays of the sun was replaced by the autumn melancholy. But that is no reason to be sad, it's so beautiful it's time, that sometimes takes your breath away. On this subject, my next mix.
Deep, right? Enjoy!

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