Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fresh'N'New Music: Mr. Pornsynth

I like new stuff (even if it's just new to me): New DJs, producers, tracks, remixes, edits....

I think that's going to be the theme I am going with for most of my post this week. I've been sent some and discovered on my own a lot of fresh music from fresh artists. It would be a crime not to share with you all!

The first in this "series" of Fresh'n'New music comes from a DJ by the name of "Mr. Pornsynth". I know what you're thinking, "You just liked the DJ's moniker" ....And you're god damned right :) "Porn" and "Synth"! Hooked me instantly. I literally could not stop myself from seeing what the guy could do. Judge away! But in my own defense, I wouldn't bother sharing if I didn't honestly enjoy the music, and more importantly have the irresistible desire to dance my ass off.

So, is it good? Yup. Synthy? Check. Sexy? You bet. Does it make you want to get up off your seat and shake your groove thang? Absolutely.

Put together for The BassKillerz Blog, this Dance Party makes its way through a good selection NuDisco, Indie-Dance, and Housy tracks. It's got great tempo to keep you moving. The mixing is well done, but the track selection is where the mix shines. The Housy opener has a great sample you'll recognize. There are tracks and remixes from all our favorites, but nothing overdone: The Magician, Joakim, The Monarchy, Moullinex, Oh the Synth-tastic Swiss! Alright, have it folks. I enjoyed this mix, hope you do too!

Rogue Vogue - Sunhine'n
Rambla Boys - Cocomero
JKriv & Lou Teti - Elisco
Make You Fell - (Marcos Cabral Remix)
Flabbbergast - Jupiter (Enterprise 'Back From Sicilia')
L'Equipe Du Son - Love Will and Find A Way (Alpha City Remix)
Monarchy - You Don't Want To Dance With Me (Moonlight Matters Remix)
Tennishero - Alone (Ben Mono & Georg Baer Remix)
Rambla Boys - Moranzani
Moon Boots - Off My Mind (Rogue Vogue)
Quinten 909 & Mayhem - Work It Out (Xinobi Remix)
Drop Me A Line (Holy Ghost! Remix)
Tyson - After You've Gone (The Magician Remix)
Joakim - Find A Way (Punk Jump Up Remix)
Clubfeet - Last Words (The C90s Remix)
PNAU - Embrace (Digitalfoxglove Remix)
The Swiss - Bubble Bath
Digitalfoxglove - AlonTogether, Alone Forever
Moullinex - Sunflare (Moullinex Club mix)
Xinobi - Hawaii

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