Monday, October 17, 2011

Drop Out Orchestra - Mix Session October 2011

I have been obsessed with Drop Out Orchestra since I began listening to them about a year and a half ago - and it's getting a little ridiculous. With each edit and mix they release, my love for DOO and DDPs gets bigger (if that is even possible). They just have this way of stringing together songs that create one large DDP orgy. I'll take 15, please.

I was able to listen to this mix last night via a friend that linked me to a website that had a stream - Thank you!!

The October Session Mix was amazing last night, and today is even better because I can follow along with the tracklisting! Hello, Down on the Corner - Drop Out Edit... you make me so happy. And the TLC song - flashback to 6th Grade and my love for "No Scrubs". I've listened to one other mix with this track in it - and I am a huge fan.

And I know the "When You're Dancing" track has been in so.many.mixes people may want to puke at the sight of it, but let's be real people, it's that good and you know it. Plus, Drop Out Orchestra's segue from "Casual Boogie" into the remix at 26 minutes was seamless.

With all of that being said, I will leave you with this:


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Mix Session October 2011 by Drop Out Orchestra

01. Sten & Stanley - Down On The Corner (Drop Out Edit)
02. Late Nite Tuff Guy - Not In Love Anymore
03. Small Pyramids - I Want Blood (Goldroom Remix) + TLC / Drop Out Edit
04. Cosmonauts - Cycle Eyes (Cosmonauts Summer Version)
05. Opiates - Reality TV (Drop Out Orchestra Dub)
06. Black Strobe - Boogie In Zero Gravity (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
07. Casual Encounters - Casual Boogie
08. Gigamesh - When You're Dancing (Cassian Remix)
09. Moullinex & Xenobi - X Marks The Spot (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
10. Pink Stallone feat. Joey Washington - Mine (Eddie Mars Remix)
11. Strange Talk - Eskimo Boy (Tim Fuchs Remix)
12. Clubfeet - Last Words (The C90s Remix)
13. Mustang - Shooting Love (Black Strobe Remix)
14. Crave Trazan (Drop Out Edit)
15. Diana Ross - Upside Down (Drop Out Orchestra Rework)
16. Jimmy & Susy - Come Back (Instrumental 12") / Drop Out Edit


  1. Maybe we should just go to Europe?

  2. DOO in the US... but I would <3 to go to Europe, too!