Monday, October 17, 2011

Alexander Robotnick - Nu-disco & More (Oct 2011 mix)

This past weekend was awesome. I rekindled my relationship with dance parties AND Jager Bombs. I'm pretty sure that U Hall was the most crowded I have seen it, too! All three acts were just as awesome as I had predicted, and I managed to only have one awkward moment the entire night while keeping my bar tab under $50. That is totally a win in my book.

On Saturday morning, I awoke to a beautiful day in DC. It was so beautiful in fact that I wanted to vomit. Wait, no...that was just my hangover. So yea, I wasted ALMOST my entire Saturday until I emerged from my bed in time to realize that the Tech game was NOT going to be on television and promptly went to Trader Joe's to buy a chicken.

After the massive amounts of baking I did last week, I decided I needed to roast an entire chicken. How Martha Stewart of me, right? Well, I don't know if Martha ever shoved a beer can and some lemons up a chicken's butt, but hopefully she did cause the chicken came out sooo moist and delicious! And yea, it was just as awkward as it sounds. I may or may not have been muttering, "I'm sorry," to the chicken while I also managed to knock over said beer can on my first attempt. #stupidshitido

What I'm trying to say is that I did NOT go out Saturday night because I was busy with that chicken. Eating it. Picking it. Preparing it for soup. Dreamy, delicious soup that was consumed on Sunday - with Sriracha. Yum. So I have no crazy reviews for the Matthew Dear concert. BUT - I do have a great Alexander Robotnick (Maurizio Dami) nu-disco mix for you today.

I really, really enjoy this mix because it steps out of the norm for a bit. I love The Magician. I love Aeroplane. I love Flight Facilities and I loooooove Drop Out Orchestra. But, I also love variety and being exposed to new music and tracks. This fits the bill perfectly.

True Life
: I can't wait to go home tonight and Google some of the tracks/artists I'm not familiar with so I can have NEW DDPs to share with everyone this week! See? We all win.

And Holy DDP at 26'ish minutes in! Seriouslyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, people. Listen!

Alexander Robotnick - Nu-disco & more (October 2011 DJ-Mix) by Alexander Robotnick
  1. Dean_Sunshine_Smith_-_You'll_Never_Know_2011
  2. Dolle_Jolle_-_Balearic_Incarnation_(original_mix)
  3. Alexander Robotnick - love supreme (groove version)
  4. Struboskop_-_Just_Chill_(feat_Joe_Dugz_original_mix)
  5. Dutch_Rhythm_Combo_-_Alerta_(feat_Isa_GT,_Ajello_vocal_remix)
  6. Marius_-_Glow_Of_Filter___Dub_(original_version)
  7. Jacob_Korn_Cuthead_Aka_Kornhead_-_ooohja
  8. Scenic_-_Another_Sky_(The_Magician_remix)
  9. Junkie_Wife_-_Aint_Coming_Down_(Jozif_remix)
  10. Linosaur_-_Got_It
  11. Brioski_-_Radio_Anatomy_(Emperor_Machine_Stretched_version)
  12. Aymeric_G_-_Set_You_Free
  13. Alex_Metric_Steve_Angello_feat_Ian_Brown_-_Open_Your_Eyes_(vocal_mix)
  14. Punx_Soundcheck_-_Nobody_Moves_(Arveene___Misk_remix)
  15. Angela_Fisken_-_Esquiva!_(original_mix)
  16. Dima_Greshnikov___DJ_Sall_-_Lenalena_(original_mix)


  1. Meghan! I'm happy to report that I am in the works of getting a Tumblr baking/cooking page up!