Tuesday, August 9, 2011

[Insert Witty Blog Post Title]....New Chart Mix from the C90's!

Hey (Dance) Party People!

Here's fresh chart mix from London's The C90's. The duo's monthly installments never disappoint. I took quick look at the tracklist and couldn't wait to dive dancing feet first into it. Hot off the disco presses, Oliver's "I Need You" and the Flight Facilities' "Foreign Language" hint at the quality of tracks throughout. From the go, we're treated with some funky synthy disco. This is my kind of mix (see: "I'm a sucker for synth")! A bit after the midway point, put your moon boots on because it gets a little spacey! Dense synth bass lines, lots of beeps and boops. Look out for the editing machine, Rayko's "Whip It". Clocking in at 1hr and 20min, this a super solid mix for sure. Slick transitions, playful FX use, and a great assortment of songs; whether you're looking just to jam out or find some new tracks, this one will leave you satiated (if not, you can always hit play it again!). Enjoy!

August Chart Mix by TheC90s
Jan Driver - Golden Super
Jerome Derradji - Track 01
Copyshop - Sweet Memory
Megadon Betamax - No Strangers
OhYeah - Oh My God Its Boogie Music
Melee - Untitled
Mark Ronson - Record Collection (Perseus 'Private Karaoke Version' Remix)
Junkie XL - Molly's E (Azari & III Remix)
The Deadstock 33's & StopMakingMe - Autumn
Pandi - Show Your Shoe
Rayko - Whip It
Love Edits - A1
Jupiter vs Kassav - Kass Limon
Oliver - I Need You
Flight Facilities - Foreign Language (Extd Version)
Los Charly's Orchestra (Pete Herbert Remix)
Kolombo & Ante Perry - Crazy
Pink Skull - Summer Reading (Ray Mang Instrumental Dub)