Monday, September 26, 2011

DPC Guestmix Series 02: Speakerbot

Do you guys remember me? I apologize that I've been off the grid lately, but I have this thing called a job, and apparently sometimes I need to do it. In case you've forgotten, I'm that Asian girl who used to post every day or two to the DPC. I really love dance parties, sweet confections, and whiskey. I also happen to love this next DJ who has been ever so generous in contributing to this month's Guest Mix.

In August, we brought you a mix from our RLF, Mr. Bonkerz. Today we have a guest mix from someone that has been on our radar this past summer - Speakerbot. We approached him from the early days of le blog, and he happily obliged. While I've never seen him live, I've enjoyed mixes and tracks he's shared online. One thing I love about Speakerbot is his sound - because it can't be pinpointed to one particular genre. As a listener, you can find him dropping anything from deep house to funk or nudisco at any given moment. It rules. Especially for someone like me who needs variety (read: I'm super ADD).

Speakerbot, Jersey-native Aashish Bansal, has been making quite the name for himself in the electronic music scene this past year. Last week, he dropped two new tracks that are a preview of The Speakerbot EP. I am obsessed with "I Dream in Ones and Zeros". And you should be too.

Preview of the Upcoming Speakerbot EP! by Speakerbot

Speakerbot has been busy creating a name for himself; playing gigs in Philadelphia, New York City, roller disco's in New Jersey (Uhmmm, what the what?!), and been circulating in the festival scene as well.

Today he brings a deep house mix to the Dance Party Chronicles that is more than likely to get a head-nodding, foot-tapping, one-person dance party in your cubicle going this morning. Note to everyone: my favorite part (if I had to choose) was the 39 minute mark into 43 minutes which starts a funky dance party. Something that I really needed in my hotel room at 10:30 at night in New Orleans (party animal right here.) I highly suggest you put on your headphones and get your dance party started. Now.

Follow Speakerbot on Soundcloud. Stalk him on Facebook. Or catch him in his upcoming gigs for a live dance party.

Dance Party Chronicles Guest Mix by Speakerbot

1. House of House - Rushing to Paradise (DJ Harvey remix)
2. Miguel Migs - Everybody (feat Evelyn Champagne King)
3. Resoluto - I'll never forget tonight (feat Wetty Bright)
4. James Welsh - Air Valley
5. Jonny Cade - Dotty Hook Up (Original Mix)
6. Speakerbot - Modulation Frequency
7. Liberto - Analog-Log-Catalog Part 1 (Original Mix)
8. Speakerbot - I dream in ones and zeros
9. Oliver Koletzki & Fran - Echoes
10. Speakerbot - Circuitory Bliss
11. Sloppy Seconds - Dreams (Full Vocal Mix)
12. Chris Nemmo - Nautilus
13. Shaka Feat Lena Fennell - Smooth Sailing
14. Manik _ McLovin' You
15. James Johnson - Shes Gone.

And in case you missed our first premier Guestmix by Mr. Bonkerz, check it out HERE!


  1. Speakerbot is the shit. I've met Aash a few times through mutual friends. The first time I saw him was at Jam at the Grove and it was great. I believe that set is available on his soundcloud page. I also saw him at my buddies party up in Vermont a couple weeks ago. Him and my friend DJ Tony D rotated back and forth for about 12 hours of dance party fun.

  2. my kinds of tunes played by speaker bot for a jolly old english man