Monday, September 26, 2011

Sexy Time Disco?...Yeah!

A little while back I came across a spaced out NuDisco mix by a DJ who goes by Rog2kay and DJ MixChannel. This mixed caught my attention because, well I'm a sucker for synth!...(and the mixing was top notch).

Enter: Rog MixTape 7.

Rog labeled this one as "Pitched Down Nu-Disco" and while accurate in a literal sense. I'm going to give it my own label. Let's call it Sexy Nighttime Nu-Disco ;)

Aww Yeah. Go ahead, dim lights. Turn your speakers candle light reflect off a disco ball..smell the scented oils...and...Oh...sorry got a little carried away.

This isn't Slo-mo disco. This is pitched-down Nu-Disco. But what I was getting at earlier is that Rog has taken the groovin' vibe of the dance party inducing genre, and smoothed it out into a sexy arrangement of low tempo tracks. His selections foster the "get-you-in-the-mood" tone of mix, while super slick mixing locks you in till its climax ;)

Alright, enough with the innuendo. Have at it for yourself!

Rog Mixtape 7 by Rog2kay

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