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DPC Guestmix Series 03: Ichisan

Happy Halloween, DPC Readers!

Hopefully your Halloween is going great so far. I love Halloween - mainly because it's a holiday that has been centered around candy, duh. Too bad it's not socially acceptable to trick-or-treat as a 24 year old or else I'd be all over my neighborhood with a pillowcase in hand. And I'm not kidding either.

And because it's the holidays, and we love all of you (seriously!) we have our third installment of our guest mix series for you this morning coming from Ichisan (Igor Skafar).

Yes (!!!) Ichisan who also did the Indian Summer mix! The Slovenian DJ/Producer has been on DPCs "must listen" list for quite some time; and I have been enamored with his mixes since discovering them about a year ago. Not only is he a great DJ/Producer, he is an incredibly humble and friendly person - something I learned from our many email exchanges.

The Autumn Blossom mix acknowledges the start of fall and the closing of summer through music. And I can't say enough about how much I like this mix. I've already listened to it about 10 times since receiving this mix a week ago, and it was a task in itself to keep it under wraps.

This mix, like his Indian Summer one, starts as a slow burner to warm things up, but I think it contrasts nicely with the summer mix because it has a more spacey vibe with a faster pace. The summer mix was very tranquil and I've read, written, and slept to it. It amazes me how the contrast can really reflect the different seasons. I'm not sure how else to describe it because the spaced-out beats literally flowed together seamlessly and I found myself back tracking to segments to re-play them. A lot. I think the highlight of the mix for me was around 30 minutes when the tempo picks up and my head was nodding and I wanted to start a dance party. Then and there. Epic.

As emails were exchanged about the guest mix, I decided to delve a little further since many of you may not know too much about him (and frankly, I did not either). Hopefully you get some insight into Ichisan's life, and his music career and what he hopes for the future. Thank you, Ichisan for the guest mix, and for being so receptive to all my (annoying) emails!

Follow Ichisan Soundcloud. Listen to his latest mixes. Stalk him on Facebook. Or... if you're in Europe - you should probably catch one his upcoming gigs.

BT: I read that you started playing the guitar with some bands when you first got started with music - what led you to begin to want to DJ/Produce music?
I got my first PC at the time, so I started making tracks with some primitive music software. I never finished those tracks and I never took them too seriously to put them out or even brought them to the level that would be good enough as a demo. That was the late '90s, over the years the music software became much better and useful so I developed my "know-how" to the level I was able to finish a couple of tracks. I sent the demos to a number of record labels in 2006. I signed my first 12" with Airtight Recordings at the time. And btw, I still play the guitar!

BT: Many of your mixes have been very deep and relaxing - almost tranquil - with a dancey-vibe. Is this also what people should expect if they go see you live?
: No, not at all. Usually I record mixes for listeners, not for dancers. If you know what I mean. That is why my Soundcloud mixes are tranquil sounding. When I play in the club the tempo is usually faster, but never faster than 120-123 BPM : ) Let's say I play Nu Disco, Contemporary disco sets in the clubs.

BT: Do you forsee a US Tour in the future?
Ichisan: Unfortunately I don't have a booking agent at the moment so there is no US tour plan in the near future. Hopefully better times will come because I just started to record a new solo album. It will come out next year hopefully before the summer; I can't tell you what to expect from it because there are only a couple of tracks I made so far.

BT: Do you have any mentors as you were getting started?
Ichisan: I learned a lot from a friend who was a member of an electronic duo called 'Random Logic' but mostly I taught myself.

BT: Who are some of your favorite artists?
Ichisan: I don't have any in particular. I listen to all kinds of music. If I had to list a few artists whose music I play then the Norwegian trio of Lindstrom, Prins Thomas and Todd Terje would be the right answer.

Download Here


01-Jon Brion - The Break-Up Theme
02-Felix Laband - Whistling In Tongues (Todd Terje Remix)
03-Max_Essa - Water Business (Social Disco Club Remix)
04-Newcleus - Jam On It (Martin Brodin Remix)
05-Discodromo and Massimiliano Pagliara - Costellazione K78 (Ichisan remix)
06-Royksopp - This Space
07-Doctor Dru & Adana Twins - Supreme
08-Name In Lights - Touch The Sky (Eddie Mars remix)
09-Kid Creole - I Do Believe (40 Thieves instrumental)
10-Ost & Kjex - Have You Seen The Moon In Dallas (Maurice Fulton Remix)

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