Friday, September 28, 2012

The Round Up, Vol. 5

In this week's Round Up: Manolo, more Karmon, and a nice side of Louche.

Tom Flynn - Junk Promo DJ Mix 

 Our first mix this week comes from Tom Flynn, a U.K. producer and DJ who’s been rapidly ascending into the house scene’s consciousness with stellar releases and remixes. After being named “Best Break Through Producer of 2010” by Pete Tong in 2010, things have not slowed down for Mr. Flynn. His releases off Dirtybird, Mobilee, Hypercolour, etc. have been, almost without exception, great; from churning, in-your-face house to melodic, complex soundscapes, Flynn does it all. This promo mix is a great encapsulation of his sound and his talents as a DJ. Flynn’s mixing and track selection borders on frantic at times as he regularly switches from techno to house to breakbeat to almost electro. He never dips his whole foot in any of these genres though, always pulling out right as the listener is getting comfortable with one sound or groove. It’s great to see a mix where the artist isn’t afraid to yank the listener by the ear, refuse to get stale, and be totally comfortable with taking risks.

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DeMarzo - 'An Evolution Of Funk 2' 24 Hour Smoking People Podcast 

Next up, a fantastic mix from up-and-comer DeMarzo. This guy has been getting a lot of hype from the likes of Amine Edge & DANCE, Kolombo, Wildkats, Noir, and a host of others. Rightfully so. It’s hard to pinpoint what precisely DeMarzo specializes in, but one thing his sound most certainly possesses is funk - and lots of it. His explorations into the deep house realm have garnered the most attention though, and with airtight original productions and slamming, addicting remixes, the sky is the limit for DeMarzo. Much in the same vein as the aforementioned artists, DeMarzo sprinkles his tracks and remixes with plunging bass, aggressive synth, and well-placed vocal samples. Through the track selection on this mix, you can hear all the funk, soul, and house influences that are simultaneously influencing and pushing forward his unique sound. Keep your eye on this one.

Karmon - September Podcast 2012

This artist needs no introduction, as I’ve written about him in length before in this space. This mix had to be included, though, as it dropped right as I was finishing this post up. Flawless mixing, great balance, excellent track selection; you name it, this mix has it. I’ll stay brief with this one, but the scary thing is....this is beginning to be the norm with Karmon’s mixes. The more I hear from him, the more impressed I become. Serious talent on display here, don’t miss it.

Trevino - Louche Podcast

This is a podcast that I caught right out of the corner of my eye this past week, and boy, I’m glad I did. Louche always holds it down with fantastic guest artists for their podcasts, and this one was no exception. Putting together this hour of seething, pulsing techno and house is Trevino, one of the many aliases of U.K. drum ‘n’ bass producer Marcus Intalex. He’s released a few EPs and one-offs under the Trevino moniker, all in the same vein as the podcast. If you listen with the right ears, you can hear Intalex’s DnB roots at play in his track selection and mixing. His ear for blending and matching percussion is exceptional, a skill honed by years of manual beat-matching during a time before the advent of the almighty “sync” button. As a result, Trevino never lets the listener catch a breath, masterfully keeping the energy simmering just below “jump-out-of-your-seat” level for the majority of the mix. Awesome stuff.

Roberto Rodriguez - The Dogs Club Dogcast 22

I’m such a homer for the guy doing the next mix that I can’t even begin to come across as unbiased. Not happening. Roberto Rodriguez (a.k.a. Manolo) has been a must-listen for me since his Manolesque EP back in February 2011. A fantastic remixer and producer, Rodriguez helps occupy that rare space where funk, soul, and house intersect, creating tracks that knock you over with their subtlety and quiet complexity. He loves using tonal changes in his track selection to induce different moods and themes throughout, resulting in mixes that seem to be more journey than talent showcase. It's readily apparent that there is a lot of heart and soul put into what Rodriguez puts out into the world; a main reason I've become such a big fan of his. This mix went up a couple of weeks ago, after which it mysteriously disappeared until Rodriguez re-upped it a few days ago. It's been on repeat since. Check it.




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