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DPC GuestMix Series 11: The Metaphysical - Solid Block of Rhythm

     How did you all like the Summer Series GuestMixes? I hope as much as we did. I also hope you did not miss any, because we had some truly top stuff from some of our favorite DJ/Producers. Billy Bogus, Satin Jackets, The Beat Broker, Sare Havlicek, and Casual Encounters...Not a bad line up if you ask me. Well, the Summer season is over and along with it the Summer Series as well. Don’t get me wrong though, by no means is the party finished. Keeping it going for us, as we return to our regular GuestMix installments, is our hometown homie, Ed The Metaphysical.

     Let’s get meta for a bit and talk about the man. There’s plenty of time to get physical on the dance floor thereafter. One of D.C.’s notable selectors, The Metaphysical has had his hands in (or all over) the music scene for quite a few years now. Production, engineering, disco jockeying; Ed has busy busy hands indeed. He has worked with such groups as MATHPANDA, Flex Matthews, Ardamus, to name a few; all the while holding down a number residencies throughout the District. You can find him regularly doing work at 18th Street Lounge, Rock & Roll Hotel, Love, Red Palace, Looking Glass Lounge, and Science Club spinning all that good stuff a proper dance party needs.

     Meta is a versatile DJ, and dabbles in a range of genres. But it’s Disco and House, and their and sub-genre flavors, that are his bread-and-butter. This is evident in his work off the decks. Ed has a slew of productions and his extensive catalogue of edits and remixes is nothing short of works of wizardry. The Alchemist might be a better suited moniker, as he tends to transform oldies and rarities into Disco/House gold. Here’s a few of my favorites to get your familiar:

After the jump...

This recently released reinterpretation of Vicky D’s “This Beat is Mine” takes the funked-out Disco classic to a different place. Where there was once lush Disco grooves, is now Disco-House bounce and stylish synth.

Another favorite of mine takes a go at Kraftwerk’s Computer World while showing some love to Afrika Bambaata. Holy hi-hats!

     Through his productions, I think you get a sense of Ed’s deep knowledge and equally deep appreciation for the timelessness of these classics. He has a way of paying homage while at the same time contemporizing them. It’s a sort of full-circle treatment of the music that says “this where we came from AND this where we’re at.”

We’ve got a taste of music, let’s get to know the man behind it...

DPC: To get us started, here’s the obligatory “Tell us about your musical background” question. Go!:

Ed: Well I was the youngest of four so my brothers exposed me to a lot of music at a young age. While most kids were listening to Raffi and Mix 107.3, my tape collection was mostly Sausage, Fugazi, Bad Brains, and KMFDM. We were also the first family on the block to get AOL which exposed me to a wide variety of electronic music. I started working on primitive looping software back in 98, then interned at a local studio throughout high school. My interests were mostly in the history of electronic music, experimentation, and the fusion that creates new genres.

DPC: Can you tell us a bit about the where draw influence from for your sound?\

Ed: I like to use a range of styles in my production, I've done everything from hip hop, breakcore, IDM, house, disco, trance, drum & bass, dubstep, trip hop, breakbeat, and noise. I go through weeks of listening to nothing but John Fahey, to days dedicated to Sheila and the Black Devotion. I've stolen a lot of track from Numero Group which specializes in unreleased or limited release nerdy soul/funk. Two of my favorite artists who inspires me on a daily basis isFraincois de Roubaix (a french soundtrack composer from the 70's) and Mort Garson (the father of dark tech).

DPC: Can you tell us anything about your upcoming releases/projects?

Ed: I have two upcoming ep's, both are going to be released on Tecnove Records (Spain). The first will be released November 2nd called "Boy You Turn Me," sort of a remix of Dianna Ross. The second is "The Whole Bit" being released January with remixes by my friends layneeugene and Audioprophecy. Both are spaced out mid tempo disco edits mixed with some classic house sounds.

DPC: You’re clearly a busy man, whether it’s on the decks or behind a workstation. Which do you enjoy the most though?

Ed: DJing. Sometimes I sit behind my computer and force myself to work on music. A majority of songs I start, I usually delete. I probably have two days worth of unreleased tracks. That being said I can sometimes start bobbing and the next thing I know I have a full song. The high you get from DJing a dope party is indescribable, the low you get from DJing is soul crushing. So prepare ahead of time and load up on barbiturates for a bad party and suddenly it won't feel so bad.

DPC: Ha! DJing has it’s highs and lows (no pun intended)...Especially when it comes to the inevitable request. Could tell us about your worst and favorite request experiences?

Ed: My least favorite request starts this way "I'm from New York..." as though my simple country as couldn't possibly know how to do what I do. They always ask for something so left field and jarringly obnoxious, then come back time and time again to yell at you. You know New Yorkers don't do that in their home town, they'd get a 1200 to the grill if they treated DJs up there the way they treat me.

My favorite request is still when Jackie O walks into the room screaming SUPERMODEL. I just feel obliged to drop everything a play Ru Paul.

DPC: Well what sort of stuff have you been into lately/what’s been in heavy rotation when you’re spinning?

Ed: The new Duff Disco tracks are stellar as per usual. My friend recently turned me onto Tiger on a Leash (a label out of Brooklyn),  they have some dope releases. Also San Soda (not to be confused with Dan Soda) has some bangers out right now. This Ed Davenport track is my fave to spin out right now (its a known fact that Ed's do it better).

DPC: What’s your drink of choice?

Ed: Pappy Van Winkle 20 Year. If there's one thing Americans do best, its bourbon.

DPC: We knew you were a man of taste. Alright, well after having a bourbons ..what dance move are we likely to see you doing on the dance floor?

Ed: I really should create a name for my dance move. Most of my friends mock me with it. Though I still believe I got rhythm for a white boy, I just need to hone my skills.

DPC: Ed, I’ve had pleasure of listening the GuestMix you have put together for us, and I can honestly say it’s a thing of beauty. Deft mixing, thoughtful selections, and a high energy dance party vibe that does not quit till the last beat. Can you tell us about how you approached it and what we can expect?

Ed: When I was planning out this mix I wanted a range of styles that I could mix seamlessly while still keeping it dancey. I was telling Phillip Goyette a couple months back that I wasn't really into Maceo Plex, but I was fooling around with that KRL track and Sex Appeal and they flowed together in an odd yet musical way, I just had to add that track. There's a remix on there from my upcoming ep. I wanted to add two of my favorite artists Daniel Wang and Luke Vibert (Kerrier District), without them the modern disco sound would be way different. I'm calling this mix "a solid block of rhythm."

Thanks for talking to us Ed!

I know I’ve said this before, but this one is special. -And I mean it wholeheartedly every single time!- It’s a pants off, hands up, get loose, dance party from the first kick of that rowdy House rhythm. I’m going to have to recommend a good stretch of legs before taking this one on. Because, it’s truly a “Solid Block of Rhythm.” Check the waveform. As far the soundscape goes, you’re in for a treat. It’s like a box of Neapolitan ice cream. But instead of cold delicious creamy dairy, you’re in for a hot and sweaty dance party, featuring a variety of House music flavors. Don’t be shy. Dig in. Go deep, bounce a little. Yes, I’m still talking about music. -Get your mind out of the gutter- Do what the beat tells you, or follow the directions at 32 minutes in mix...Your choice.

Before I leave you to it, the DPC crew would like to give much love and appreciation to Ed The Metaphysical, for chatting it up with us and taking the time and effort to put together this mix that we’re absolutely honored to add to our collection and share.

KRL - Say You Will (Henderson)
Maceo Plex - Sex Appeal
Tripmastaz - Guess Who
Samuel W - Keep Thinking You're Me
Lorraine - Wannagoout (Original Mix)
Maya Jane Coles - Not Listening
Daniel Wang - Not Feeling It
Kerrier District - Dick
Mr. Hi-Rize - Hotel Groove
Samuel Dan - Can't Stop
The Metaphysical - Boy you turn me (Danny Murphy & Piem Remix)
Moon Machine - Superglued
Bryan Jones - Like A Boss (Original Version)
NY STOMP - The NY House Trak (Original Mix)
The Ones - Flawless (Extended mix)

Be sure to link up with Ed The Metaphysical:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/themetaphysical
Twitter: @TheMetaphysical

If you're in the D.C. head out to Velvet Lounge, on Thursday for Beats on Repeat:

and/or the Blackbyrd , this Saturday for the return of Maison!

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