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DPC Guest Mix Series 12: Queen B (Bethany of Orchard Lounge) - The Howling

Today's installment of our guest mix series is one that we are all thrilled to dish out to our readers and dance party lovers. As we have said before, our guest mix series allow us to showcase and feature DJs and producers who we truly enjoy, and our 12th one to date is no different. Queen B (Bethany Lokken, of Orchard Lounge), put together a 2.5 hour mix, "The Howling", that takes listeners on a journey to be enjoyed in any given circumstance. I've listened to the mix while getting ready to go out, baking cookies, and commuting to work. I can enjoy mixes in any capacity, but take interest in those that are longer, build and can be enjoyed in any type of setting. The mix features tracks from artists such as El Tefx A, Danny Daze, Maceo Plex, and The Revenge. So you can take a venture as to how this mix will play out ;) Spoiler alert: deep, techy with a side of weird. Just the way I enjoy my mixes.

I should also mention that I have a personal investment with this particular guest mix because Orchard Lounge - the DJ collective of Spencer Lokken, Bethany Lokken, and Ben Silver - has played a huge role in my "dance party history." Having seen them play sets and after parties for the last four years in New York, Richmond, Colorado, a house party complete with petting zoo in Maryland (seriously) and Mexico, I became enamored with the tracks they were dropping and found myself scouring the Internet for more mixes, tracks and artists who they showcased in their sets. Orchard Lounge has played at Camp Bisco for the last 8 years and have kept bodies moving in between sets - something Bethany told me they thought was important at a show - keeping the momentum going the entire time. As DJs, Orchard Lounge have successfully exposed music that "jam band" audiences may or may not be familiar with and I think that is pretty damn awesome. A personal favorite set of mine is from The Vagabond in Miami, FL, where they threw down a 4.5 hour set with tracks ranging from The Swiss to A-Trak and samples from the comedy, "Stepbrothers."I wasn't there for it in 2009, but live vicariously through it on SoundCloud at least once a week.

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Orchard Lounge @ Vagabond, Miami, Fl, 12/28/09 by orchardlounge

Not only was Bethany able to put together an awesome mix to get us excited for Halloween AND Orchard Lounge's 20-city tour across the US, she chatted with DPC about their festival experiences, their original tracks and some of her favorite dance moves and drinks. 

DPC:  I know that you're incredibly busy - touring, a DJ residency at Smart Bar, and keeping it real in Chicago, so we are very thrilled for this opportunity! Orchard Lounge is about to embark on a 20-city tour across the US; starting with the three of you opening up for John Talabot and Pional - How was that? I had a chance to listen to your guys' set last week and loved it (shout out to whoever played Todd Terje's Paul Simon edit!) and am always loving how you guys can really take a crowd from the "dancefloor to the couch". And as the tour spans across the US, are there any venues that you're especially excited to play?

Bethany: Finally seeing those guys perform live was great. Smart Bar was as packed as I've ever seen! Their gear was set up to the side of the DJ booth, which was nice because everyone could see what was going on. I dropped Terje's "Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes" remix. No surprise you liked that! The goal of an opening set is for the crowd to go crazy when the headliner comes on. It's delightful to be in a position where we are continually challenged. As for the Nocturne tour, we are really looking forward to it. I'd say we're most excited for U Street in DC. We always enjoy a dinner with friends, we get a nice crowd there, and the sound in that place thumps.

DPC: I've always been curious, as the three of you, yourself, Ben & Spencer are a collective, how you plan out your sets - or does that not happen and you all feed off of one another as the night goes on?

Bethany: It's pretty spontaneous. We throw out a theme or a guideline usually a week before such as "Think astronautical dance" or "lets keep it dark & sexy". If we are opening we will propose a top BPM not to pass. Immediately before we drop the first record, we will determine our lineup. Depending on the resources available- we'll either draw numbers, flip a coin, or play rock/scissors/paper.

DPC: Earlier in 2012, I read that OL will be putting out some original tracks. Any word on when these will be released? On a side note, I loved hearing the preview of Spencer's track on the Lolla video from September! And are these the types of tracks we can expect (on the album)?

Bethany: We all have tracks that we drop here and there in our sets. We have never felt pressured to release them but we are approaching a point when we will have no choice but to put out an album. They're piling up and we can't sit on them forever. I guess we are just a bit selfish and aren't really ready to hear them outside of OL DJ sets. And yes, I'd say 'Free Skate' is pretty indicative of what most of our production sounds like.
DPC: This past summer you were able to play some pretty awesome festivals - Camp Bisco and most notably, Lollapalooza. How did that feel?

Bethany: It's always amazing to play Camp. We get so much love there and we also enjoy seeing the Disco Biscuits and other acts on the lineup. This was our 8th time to be on that bill. It's quite humbling to know that no other act, besides the Biscuits, have performed as much. Lolla was a mind blowing fest to be included in. A dream really. I haven't missed it since it moved to Chicago. So, to be given a timeslot like that, a stage.. I have never felt so much pressure yet been so ready. I 've never been so "in the moment" as I was during that set.

DPC: Can you tell DPC readers a little bit about this 2.5 hour mix, "The Howling"? What inspired the track selections?

Bethany: It's no secret that I love October. It's the time of the year I feel most inspired. There is just something special about the combo of autumn, techno and horror. And it's always fun to make a mix knowing you are creating something for the ghouls and goblins. But this was more about the journey. I didn't want to be as literal this time around. I was hoping to create a spooky soundtrack with selections that weren't necessarily created for Halloween but did fit into the story.

DPC: Aside from traveling the country, having a residency at Smart Bar, and living the life, what can we find you doing on a 'regular weeknight?'

Bethany: Find me at a show! I go to see some sort of live music at least once a week. Why else would I live in Chicago?

DPC: And because we must ask, what is your "signature" dance move you bust out when you're out cutting a rug and your favorite drink to have in hand?

Bethany: If I have enough room I'll go for a little break dancing. The only thing I really still swing these days is a baby freeze. You can also view some of my moves in this video from Lollapalooza. Kelly makes a great drink at Smart Bar that I'm quite partial to, pineapple juice and Cake vodka. Or coconut water. I'm addicted to that stuff!

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Big thank you (AGAIN) to Queen B for this awesome mix. We can't wait to check out Orchard Lounge in DC on November 3 as they hit the decks with Bit Funk at U Street Music Hall. Grab your tickets here and we’ll see you on the dance floor!

Lala by - Pendulum (Massimiliano Pagliara's Sexiness Remix)
Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me
Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Lapacha
Halo, Adam Pickrell, Paluka - Hear The Tears (Alland Byallo Remix)
Isherwood - Black Keys, Moogs and Phattys
HNQO - Point Of View 
Space Ranger - Phase_Fever
Barnt - What Is A Number That A Man May Know It_Original Mix
El Tefx A - In_Original Mix
John Tejada - Radio Channel (Original)
Cubiq, Real Nice - Had Enough (Original Mix)
MANIK (NYC) - She Watches Me (The Revenge Remix)
16 Bit Lolitas - Blanket
Klangkarussell - Sonnentanz (Kellerkind Remix)
Acid Pauli, Nancy - IBang (Original Mix)
Hector Couto - Ado Sado (Original Mix)
Simon Baker - Trust feat. England Brooks-Ellingsen (Original Mix)
Nicone, Sascha Braemer - Liar (Oliver Koletzki Remix)
Viadrina - Shining (Jozif Remix)
Maceo Plex - Under The Sheets (Original Mix)
Pocket - Here In Noiseville feat. Steve Kilbey (Justus Kohncke Instrumental)
Recondite - Felicity_Original Mix
Toby Dreher - Spurensuche_Original Mix
Ruede Hagelstein, The Noblettes - A Priori (Noir Remix)
Inxec, Droog - Westbound (Original Mix)
Jae B. - Dirty Dancing (Original Mix)
Matt Tolfrey, Lazaro Casanova, Nikko Gibler - Metronomy (Original Mix)
Oliver Schories - I'm Not (Original Mix)
Leix & Hitch - Mr. Slade (Original Mix)
Stefan Goldmann - Sleepy Hollow
Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Dead Room - Original Mix
Vaal - Cine_Original Mix
Alex Niggeman - Point Of No Return (Original Mix)
A1 Bassline - Buoyancy (Original Mix)
Dusky - Numerical (Original Mix)
Bazar - Hard To Find (Danny Daze Love Dub)
Heat Flux_Original Mix
Guy Gerber, Shlomi Aber - After Love (Original Mix) (Original Mix)
John Tejada - A Familiar Mood (Original)
Martin Eyerer + Namito + Stephan Hinz - Seven Lives (Butch Remix)
Zombie Zombie - Halloween Main Theme - Original Mix

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  1. excellent write up! and what a track selection!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed :) Hope you get to catch them at some point during their tour - we are very excited! <3