Monday, August 29, 2011

DPC GuestMix Premier!!!: Mr. Bonkerz!

Here it is! Something extra special just for all you dancing fools out there. Our premier guestmix from a DPC friend, Mr. Bonkerz!

Matthew Lipsit has put together a fantastic arrangement of deep, dark, and spacey Nudisco and Disco-House tracks. Incredibly slick transitions and clearly well-thought selections, this one will take you to distant reaches of the cosmos and have you dancing in the stars from very first synth drop till the very last kick.

Mr. Bonkerz is a NuDisco specialist, but has been known to get crowds moving with a range of dance music. D.C. dance partiers have had the pleasure of catching Mr. Bonkerz do his thing at dance floors all over the city at spots such as, 930Club's BackBar (Shenaniganz) Velvet Lounge (Lost&Sound), Science Club, and DPC favorite U Street Music Hall (to name a few). He's heated up parties for likes of The Twelves, Classixx, Plastic Plates, Will Eastman, and many others. If you haven't gotten a chance to lose yourself to his super slick grooves at one those dance party spots, be sure to check out a few of his mixes. Also, be sure to follow him on Facebook and/or Twitter to stay up-to-date on when you can see him next.

We are so excited to share this, the first of our DPC Guestmix Series. I think this one kicks things off proper and I can't wait to give you all more!

Upcoming appearances:
9/6 - Lost & Sound (Velvet Lounge)
9/16 - Shenaniganz w/ Marmon (930 Backbar)

The Dance Party Chronicles Guest Mix 01 - Mr Bonkerz by Mr. Bonkerz


Proper Heat - The Move (James Bright Instrumental)
Space Ranger - Superstring (Rayko Remix)
Billy Bogus - Terror Island (Mushrooms Project Remix)
Ilya Santana - Black Hole
Yaxkin Retrodisko - 1983
Moby - Lie In Darkness (Michael Mayer Remix)
Blackbelt Andersen - Tyrkisk Pepper (Dolle Jolle Remix)
Marbeya Sound - Paseo Por Dhoa (Sare Havlicek Remix)
Rodion - Alagoas Cowboys
Telephones - Kanal (Prins Thomas Remix)
Jimmy Maheras - Space Jame (Matt Tolfrey Remix)

Super BIG THANKS to MR. Bonkerz for putting this together for us. We're ecstatic and proud to have your mix as the first of this series. The DPC crew absolutely loves it and know our readers will too. You have know idea how hard it was to keep this under wraps after you gave it to us!. Thanks again DPC friend!

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