Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Disco and Friends!

Here's a live mix recorded at DC's 930club BackBar. Our DPC friend, Mr. Bonkerz , does a monthly disco soirée by the name of "Shenaniganz". And I can tell you first hand, it is just that! Disco (and a bit of House), dancing, whiskey, and cookies (if you can beat Becca to them!) make a for a night get it. The most recent of these nights was this past Saturday (8/13/2011); Mr. Bonkerz was joined by another DC resident DJ, by the name of Space Agent. The two combined forces to throw down a serious 2hr 45min set. I couldn't make it unfortunately, so we'll just have to live with the regret of not being there to get down while the heat was being dropped live and direct. There's always next month....

We're in luck though, as the wonders of technology and the interwebz allow us the opportunity to relive this dance party whenever we till next month...Enjoy!

Space Agent & Mr Bonkerz @ Shenaniganz, August 13 2011 (Wash, DC) by Mr. Bonkerz

(Stay on the look out for something exclusive and special from our DPC homie coming soon!)

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