Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Identity Fest Spotlight!: Hercules and Love Affair

I don't want to blow my own whistle (that's what she said?), but I am feeling really good about the wealth of musical knowledge that is being thrown around at DPC.

I usually like to put in some research into a post, especially if I'm not familiar with a band/DJ, because I don't want to look like an asshole in front of my invisible Internet friends. I also like to listen to the music, try and given an honest opinion, and sound like I know what I'm talking about. Unfortunately, I am not so musically-versed, and don't know the proper terms for things. So you get words like shiny. Or happy. Or awesome. I'm sorry I'm not sorry my reviews sometimes suck. I swear I graduated from college. Besides, it's the thought that counts. Or is that what people really say when they don't want to hurt someone's feelings? Am I talking to myself?

Please bear with me as I try to decipher Hercules and Love Affair for you.

I spent a good 10 minutes sitting in bed trying to figure out what to write about Hercules and Love Affair. And then I realized I don't really know anything about them, besides the fact Moonlight Matters does an awesome remix of their song, "Painted Eyes", that's featured in Magic Tape 7 by The Magician. I also love their song "Falling" that's featured on my favorite Drop Out Orchestra mix ever! Cupcakes to whoever can name the month!

Hercules & The Love Affair - Painted Eyes (Moonlight Matters Remix) by Moonlight Matters

Hercules and Love Affair initially was a musical project of DJ Andy Butler. He has been featured on Tim Sweeney's Beats in Space show numerous times as well. The band didn't actually make its debut until 2008, and features four other members, including Andy Butler. They are signed by DFA Records and Moshi Moshi records. Their latest album, Blue Songs, was released by Moshi Moshi in January 2011. There have been a number of past members as well. (source)

And honestly, I knew they were a live band, but never really delved further than what I had already heard before. After listening to their album, "Blue Songs" I am really excited to catch them in Camden this Friday. I love music that has some vocals in it, and some of the songs, like "Blue Boy", were really well composed, in my opinion. It's my understanding the vocalists are different than their last album release, so the sound is a little different. I suggest you listen to the album, it flows. It works. And I love it. I'm officially obsessed. It contains the right amount of DDP's (disco dance parties!!!!), with some downtempo sprinkled in.

Hercules & Love Affair - Blue Songs by moshi moshi music

What are you waiting for? Catch Hercules and Love Affair at Identity Festival. While I said that I was more receptive to Holy Ghost! as DJs, I can't wait to see Hercules and Love Affair as a band. Something tells me I'll be having lots of DDPs with smile pasted on my face like an idiot.

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