Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hey House Heads!

Have you pledged allegiance?

I have a not-so-secret, secret love affair with House music. I was doing my daily rounds through some mixes and came across one I had to share with my fellow DPer's....then I came across another.


Which one should I share?

Then it hit me. If you (really) like House, you probably can't get enough of it anyway. So enough of my blabber. Here are two really dope mixes I think you all will enjoy. One from the folks over at Gomma, and another from the lovely Ms. Kate Simko!

Podcast #53: Mercury Summer Mix by Gomma
1. Ralphi Rosario - Up So High (Dub Mix)
2. Pol_On - Molala (Mercury Remix)
3. Jesper Ryom - Godt Begyndt (La Fleur Remix)
4. Medlar - Terrell
5. Mercury - You Lift Me Up
6. Prince - Erotic City (Paul Johnson Edit)
7. Mercury - Special Place
8. JaquƩ - Love Will Save The Day
9. Jamiroquai - Comsic Girl (Mercury Edit)
10. Byron Stingily - Get Up (Roger S's Narcotic Mix)
11. Barbara Tucker - Stop Playing With My Mind (Dub Mix)
12. Ian Pooley - Higgledy Piggledy
13. Tom Trago - Corrupt feat. San Proper

...Can't stop the House!

Louche Podcast May 2011 by Kate Simko

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  1. Kate Simko was spinning at that show we went to in March!!!!! That was a fun night...