Monday, December 19, 2011

Mr. Bonkerz - Bonkerz: Vol. 06

The Holidays! High five - You know, just another excuse to get drunk in the office. Bake tons of cookies. Online shop. Spend time with family.

But then you realize that amidst all that fun stuff...

You're stressed because you're about to leave your beloved cube for an entire week (God, does that sound depressing that I'm saying that?!). You ate your weight in cookie butter and cookies this past weekend. Your memory is getting so sharp that you indeed, memorized your CC number while online shopping for friends and family. And your family? They are freaking awesome, but you're about to spend an entire week with them. That's a lot of time with your parents and two brothers. Youtotallyknowwhatimtalkingaboutandifyoudontimaterribleperson?

So while you're busy tying up odds and ends, remember to make time for yourself. You know...To like, relax. Disco dance party in your room. Or at work. OR! In your car! Remember to enjoy the mixes that friends share with you.

Yes. That's right, mixes friends share with you because we are all overdue for some NuDisco from Mr. Bonkerz, and luckily the wait is over as Volume 6 hit the Internets for DDPing people like you and me.

It's awesome. And I mean awesome in the way where I've already listened to it once in my room last night whilst in a sugar coma, once on the way to work, and once at work as I was kicking my to-do list in the ass. From start to finish it is what dance parties are made of, and nothing short of what you would expect if you are ever going to see Bonkerz live.

Sans the cookies, unless you're like me and realize that there are baked goods everywhere. you. turn. in. your. house.

At the 9:30 minute mark is when the mix starts to pick up with the funky track by Disco Tech, "Full Tilt" at the 10 minute mark, which segues into Drop Out Orchestra Dub track, "Reality TV". Something about that bassline that is ever so familiar in their tracks with the vocals. Holy freaking obsessed. And I had not heard the Munga 5AM remix of "Elisco" that clocked in at 24'ish minutes - but wow. Super funky. Super awesome. Super obsessed.

Throughout this mix I kept thinking about how I loved the transitions and it's always noticeable in Matt's mixes; the segues just "happen" and you know the track changed, but not enough that it detracts from the song. #winning

Listen now! Grab some cookies and pretend like you're actually at a show. OR, you could also just stalk Mr. Bonkerz on Facebook - he has some gigs in 2012 coming up, and you don't want to miss them! I think all of the above are good suggestions - so do it.

Bonkerz: Vol. 06 by Mr. Bonkerz

Bufi & La Royale - Fascination
6th Borough Project - Stratus Quo
Disco Tech - Full Tilt
The Opiates - Reality TV (Drop Out Orchestra Dub)
La Royale - Voyage To The Stars 1990
JKriv/Lou Teti - Elisco (Munga 5am Mix)
The Shack - One & Only (Faze Action Dub)
Red Axes/Zidanstyle - Won't You Try
Yacht - I Walked Alone (Jacques Renault Remix)
Bee Gee's - Stayin' Alive (Oskar Remix)
Mirror People - Feel The Need ( Social Disco Club Dub)
Bufi - Like A Child

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