Friday, December 16, 2011

DJ BA - Laser-Eyed Buck Mix

Hey Peoples

It’s Friday!...Also it’s awkward office Christmas/Holiday Partyseason (so don’t forget your flask...and to avoid talking to your boss...oh, and hooking up with co-workers #OfficeXmasPartyProTips)…

Well it’s a little chilly in the Northeast, but our friend, DJ BA aka Mr. Anderson, by way of San Francisco, has brought the Disco/Househeat our way. This “Holiday Power Hour” mix, titled after the elusive “Laser-EyedBuck”, is a bourbon and eggnog fueled dance party (tacky X-Mas sweateroptional). There’s raunchy Disco edits galore with bits of sultry House. Mr.Anderson’s mixing is slick and the track selection is Disco-fun yet subtlysexy. So whether it’s a rowdy dance party you’re looking for, or a sip finewhiskey next to the fireplace type of night, you should be well covered. I think the last track, Creative Source’s” Good Lovin Is Good Livin” (Daz-I-Kue Bloodfire Edit), sums that vibe up nicely. So, what are you waiting for? Get this one going and get your Friday dance party started proper!

And if my ramblings don't do it for you...Mr. Anderson describes his mix as:

"Songs beamed straight out the eye sockets of the elusive laser-eyed buck. Who needs a red-nosed reindeer when your lead buck has lasers shooting out of his eyes?"




1. Nicholas “D-Vote”
2. Blue Moderne “Through The Night” (Mr. K Edit)
3. Bicep “Gotta Get Up”
4. Marcos Cabral “Save The Day”
5. Genius Of Time “Houston We Have A Problem”
6. Chopstick & Johnjon “Obviously She Is A Whore”
7. Rocha “Feel The Love” (Greg Wilson Version)
8. Bad Rabbits “She’s Bad” (Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap Remix)
9. Peech Boys “Don’t Make Me Wait”
10. Colonel Abrams “Trapped” (Eli Escobar Edit)
11. Sun Sect Featuring Pam “She’s Hot”
12. George Benson “Love X Love” (Koko Southport Edit)
13. Mat Chiavaroli “War Outside”
14. Bruce Ivery “Fantasy”
15. Creative Source “Good Lovin Is Good Livin” (Daz-I-Kue Bloodfire Edit)

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