Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ichisan - Indian Summer mix

Sometimes we need to slow things down for you at DPC. Because sometimes when you're in the office, your music listening isn't always about disco-jacking, dance partying, I want to take 10 jager bombs to the face kind-of-music.

At the moment, it's all about "serenity now". Which is exactly what I need. And maybe you do too! This one is a slow-burner from Ichisan and I intend to keep it handy whenever I need something relaxing and slower-paced to enjoy.

Throughout the mix, I felt this kind of tranquil peace, and around the 8:20 mark, the beat begins to pick up to get your head nodding. The 14 minute mark it slows down once again to a beautiful spaced-out track that I am a huge fan of. It sounds ridiculously familiar, and I found myself playing that sequence over and over again.

Some other highlights to watch out for is around the 25 minute mark when the mix gets a little pep in its step once again, and at 31:30 a familiar song "Heaven" by Kasper Bjorke reveals itself. It doesn't fully sound like the Nicolas Jaar remix, and it's definitely not the Prins Thomas one, so can someone enlighten me?! The entire mix is a great listen, and I'm hoping that Ichisan puts out the tracklist soon because there are some tracks I recognize but can't pinpoint them exactly.

Serenity now has been achieved. Thank you.

Download for mix available here.

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  1. Hey so I was enlightened by Rog2kay...the Heaven remix is the Prins Thomas version...just pitched down..waaay down.