Friday, September 16, 2011

Tensnake - We Love for Pulse Radio

I'm getting picked up by a cab to head to the airport in like 15 minutes.

BUT, I woke up this morning, and saw that Tensnake had a new mix up that was exclusive for Pulse Radio. So...clearly this takes presedence over getting to the airport, especially since I just got a text that said my cab was on its way (Shit). So you must bask in all of his disco house glory-ness as well this Friday morning.

So now I'm multitasking as if my life depended on it; applying make up, dance partying in my room, making sure I'm packed, and trying to eat breakfast before my cab comes at 8:15am.

So far this mix is so good that I'm willing to miss my cab to write about it. That right there my friends, is dedication.

Happy Friday, and around the 8:40 mark a huge DDP starts (!!!)

We Love... Tensnake - Exclusive mix by welove

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