Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to Survive a Workday After Dance Partying All Night

The subject says it all. Take it from me, someone who has been to their fair share of shows on a weeknight - sometimes it seems impossible to get through an 8+ hour work day after dance partying and drinking all night. Common sense tells you to volunteer to DD, but let's be real: nobody likes to DD, and dance parties are totally more fun if you're drunk. There, I said it. Drinking is fun. Dancing while drinking is even more fun.

And if you're sitting there rolling your eyes at me through the computer screen, I can either guess that you 1. don't like to get drunk or 2. are a better person than me. Maybe all of the above. And while you're rolling your eyes, I'm trying to figure out how the hell we've kept you as a reader considering this entire blog's foundation is on whiskey and dance parties. With a dash of cookies on the side.

Anyway. Here are some tips that may or may not assist you in getting through your work day when you've found yourself taking "one last shot" at the bar the night before and kicking yourself the next morning.
  • Take a sick day.
    • Okay, I know this is soooo completely wrong, but didn't you know your work has sick days because they know their staff goes out and gets retarded on the regular? Duh. While I haven't done this (seriously, I haven't), maybe you should consider taking a sick day because "your tummy hurts" that morning. It probably does, so really you're not fooling anyone...
  • Drink lots of water.
    • This one seems like common sense, but sometimes I forget. Especially when I'm super hungover and pretty much want to crawl into my covers and not come out until my head stops throbbing. I'm pretty sure that drinking water is something I also don't want to be doing because I can't move, but water = hydration. And hydration is your friend.
  • Eat really greasy food.
    • If you don't like Five Guys french fries or some other type of delicious fried thing in your body the day after you drink, I'm not sure who you are. French fries have crack in them and are known to cure hangovers. It's science or something. You should probably wash down the fries with a Trenta from Starbucks because you need caffeine. Nobody wants a zombie staff person either.
  • Shower.
    • Duh. You don't want to smell like booze at work. And while you're showering, make sure you wash off the stamps that are on your hands. I repeat, wash the stamps off your hands. I mean it's not like I would know or anything, but I hear that it's something you should do if you don't want to give yourself away completely.
  • Don't get so drunk the night before.
    • Hm. Okay, so maybe I'm contradicting myself, but there's a fine line between being drunk, and getting blackout. That last shot that you want to take at the bar at 2:30am is probably not a good idea. And neither is that "last beer" at your house before you pass out in your bed - only to wake up with candy wrappers all around you and maybe a huge gummi bear lollipop in your hands. As long as you try to practice some self control the night before, the next morning will not be nearly as bad.
  • GChat.
    • This little platform of communication is the key to making your day go by quickly. What better way to make the day go by quicker than to reminisce the night before with your buddies and bitch about how awful everyone feels. Better yet, start an email chain. I hear those are fun too and more people to add to the conversation gives you a bigger window of opportunity to waste your day away.
  • The Dance Party Chronicles.
    • Because you want to keep your dance party going from the night before and listen to awesome music, read awesome stories, and look at awesome baked goods.
Hopefully these tips will aid you in a day of recovery - happy weekday dancing!

Edited to add: Now that you've read my weekday tips, what are yours?!

And because I can't leave this post without any music, here is the mix that had me at "hello". Magic Tape 1 is one of the few mixes I find myself going back to weekly. It reminds me of summer 2010, and when The Magician was first introduced. Such a great Magic Tape, and while some argue it's not the best - it certainly is the most memorable for me.

Magic Tape One by TheMagician


  1. I love this blog!

    Before I go out I always set my alarm clock, have a bottle of water and tylenol on my night stand for when I get home.

    Skip the high gravity IPA as tempting and delicious as it looks and grab last night's dinner leftovers

    NPR on the way to work to get your brain flowing!

    Extra shot of espresso in your latte

    Hearty smoothie w/ spinch, kale, celery, fruits.. whatever you have to fill your bellie w/ nutrients to kick that hangover's ass

    1. Thanks, Danny! ^^ All good tips!!

      I woke up with a bowl of popcorn on my nightstand this morning (wtf?!)

      I was going to get a fresh juice this morning and got a smoothie instead :)