Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A DP Chronicle and BXENTRIC- The November Jockey Club

Well, as this blog is called the Dance Party Chronicles, I figured I should fill you all in on an epic Dance Party that went down this past Saturday. The DPC crew headed to the new Filmore in Silver Spring, MD to catch Breakbot and Chromeo. Breakbot was the opener and we made sure to get there early so we didn't miss a second. Personally, I hadn't listened to too much Breakbot until about a month ago. I had heard his hits like "Fantasy" and "Baby I'm Yours" and a few remixes but not too much else. About a month ago I started listening to his mixes and a few live sets and was blown away. Soon after, I discovered he was touring with Chromeo and had a show in the area. I was pumped.

Breakbot had just started when we arrived at the show and we were ready to get down. He threw down an incredible set that left us all wanting more. At one point, he dropped the beat so hard I literally swallowed my gum. Later in the night Chromeo played a funktastic set that was also a lot of fun. I got the chance to briefly talk to Breakbot at one point after his set. He was really nice and down to earth. I talked to him about his some of his mixes and he also taught me the proper pronunciation of his first name (its Tih-bow in case you were curious). All in all, it was a great night and another successful dance party.

Moving on. November is upon us, which means a fresh batch of new mixes has started to be released. Last night, BXENTRIC released his latest mix in his Jockey Club monthly mix series. It has a lot of tracks that I am not very familiar with which is always a breath of fresh air. It is 77 minutes of disco funk with some deep house thrown is there as well. I really enjoyed this mix and its definitely worth checking out. Happy Hump Day to all.

1. Kastil - SMD
2. Manuel Tur - Stay ft. Larissa Kapp (extended instrumental)
3. Dale Earnhardt Jr - Simple Girl - Tiger and Woods Rmx
4. James Johnston - There Is Always Time To Change
5. Tornado Wallace - Don't Hold Back
6. Francis Inferno Orchestra - Go Easy On Me Girl
7. Billy Bogus - Los Rumberos De La Muerte
8. Rudy's Midnight Machine - Easy Side Good Living - Tad Wily Rmx
9. Tanner Ross - 4U
10. MAM - Can't Live Without You
11. Hot Since 82 - Let It Ride
12. Toby Tobias - Tomorrow's Bringing - Lee Foss 'My Hands Smell Sleep'
13. Solomun - Cloud Dancer - Manuel Tu'rs Syphon Drum Mix
14. Mercury - You Lift Me Up

The November Jockey Club by BXENTRIC

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