Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mirror People - Burning Down the House Mixtape

This past week I came up with this brilliant idea to end my running hiatus of two months and take a quick jaunt around my neighborhood to get cardio disco dance parties back into my life. I've missed them, and I think the break was necessary (for me) but holy crap... it wasn't fun. Like at all. If you're anything like me (thank god you probably aren't), then you think about the randomest crap as you run. You're welcome in advance for the lovely insight into my thoughts:

"(about 3 minutes in) Man, this feels awesome, I can't believe I stopped running. Running with music is even better, I've missed cardio disco dance parties. I wonder if SoundCloud has anything good on it..."


"Don't run into that tree branch ahead, remember the last time you hit your face with a tree branch? It hurt. And then you swore you'd put your contacts in before leaving to go running. Which you definitely did not do tonight. Maybe you do deserve to get hit in the face with said tree branch again."


"Holy crap, I am really out of shape. I wonder... I wonder if I go a little. bit. slower. the light will turn red so I HAVE to stop at that nice crosswalk up there on that busy road."


"Let me send a quick comment on SoundCloud letting Mirror People know how much I love this track via my iPhone while I'm standing here at this busy intersection since I missed the light - because God knows this is important. Now."


"I saw a picture of using a waffle iron to make hashbrowns the other day... Why didn't I think of this first... UGH. More importantly, where can I get a cheap one now? I want hash browns in my mouth. Now."


"Wow. What the heck did I put on? This mix is good. Really good. So good in fact, I should keep running."

And now that you've had a peek into my thoughts (I can't promise you this won't happen again), I'm sharing said mix with you because it saved me from wanting to keel over and not finish my run. It was so good, in fact, that I took it to the gym yesterday after work to get my treadmill on.

This cardio disco party comes to you from Mirror People, and within the first few minutes you'll realize why you'll want to grab your pair of shoes and run, too! Like now.We've featured a mix on Mirror People before, and much like the mix for The Ambitious C, this one is a dance party from start to finish.

At the 14 minute mark, the Drop Out Orchestra edit of "Foreign Language" drops, and while it has definitely been played. a. heck. of. a. lot. I will never, ever get sick of the track. Something about those deep bass lines with Jess Higgs' heavenly voice... I die. Around this point was when my legs wanted to crap out since I hadn't done any real running in about 2 months, so when "Off My Mind" by Moon Boots came on (I believe it was the Rogue Vogue remix), I started smiling like a complete idiot, completely forgetting that this run was painful.

This is when I also managed to pass about 10 other people walking and/or running, and immediately sped up because I didn't want to look slow. And now that you're actively judging me for trying to "impress" complete strangers while running, I will digress into the second half of the mix which picked up the tempo and went into some house. I kind of spaced out for the latter half (probably a good thing) but to be honest, that's the type of music I love listening to while I'm working out - things that are good, keep me going, and that I don't have to think about, "ughh, maybe I should try and change this music.."

So you should totally put this mix on now because it has just the right amount of dance to it to get you going whether you're sitting at your desk working, or need a mix to take out with you while you work out.

Mirror People - "Burning Down The House" Mixtape by Mirror People


  1. i really need to comment on this: running makes sense cause actually i recorded this mixtape while i was on a train. ;)

    mirror people

  2. I like that little fact! Thanks for reading and commenting...can't wait to hear more music and for Appaloosa - Jumping on Beds (Mirror People Remix) to be released!!!

    : )