Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Business Casual Disco - Anyone for Tennis?

You know what is always a good idea? Salted Caramel Cheesecake Pie with a Gingersnap Crust. It's a party in your mouth, and trust me. You WANT to be invited.

Beautiful sunsets with friends are also a good idea.

And so are alcoholic beverages. Specifically ones that taste like you ate a fireball (holy yum) or ones that taste like you are eating cookie dough, but also getting you drunk. #winning

Needless to say, this past Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful; starting and ending with dance parties, with more dance parties in between, and a Virginia Tech win to cap it all off (H O K I E S!) If you don't follow our Facebook page, you might want to get on that gravy train because we post a lot of content that isn't posted on the blog. Including funny pictures of censored turkeys, signs that I don't understand, and funny searches that lead strangers to our blog.

And now you're sitting there wondering, "Why is Becca bringing up DPC's Facebook page?" First, because we obviously want more friends. But also because friends of DPC recently posted a mix on it, and I am currently obsessed. Therefore, YOU should be too. Duh.

Business Casual Disco is comprised of three gentlemen; Coltrane, Norrin and Skeeba who together, create smooth, Balearic disco beats that keep people's heads nodding and bodies moving. Based out of Connecticut, the trio dropped their debut mix for listeners on Sunday night to get a taste of what BCD is all about.

This is another good idea (like cheesecake, sunsets, and cookie alcohol) because this mix is the bomb.com. It's the slap bracelet you wore when you were in elementary school. It's the Adidas Superstars you wore in middle school. It's the Smirnoff Ice you drank in high school (someone tell me I wasn't the only one). It's the peanut butter goodness in the center of a Reese's. It's the James Murphy to disco. So. Freaking. Fly.

Basically - you need this in your life. Now.

A quick look at the track list was the first indicator that this would be a smooth disco dance party, but after listening to it three times in less than 12 hours, I can tell everyone that the transitions are solid, and smooth doesn't even begin to describe the feel of this mix. I love knowing that there are three different people contributing to the mix, but all of them adding their own touch to the mix without straying too far away from one another to realize what was going on (does that make sense?!) It was love at first listen with this "Back Hand Disco Love" mix (see genre in Soundcloud), and it left me wanting more (!!!)

So yea....Your first order of business is to give this mix a listen. Second order of business: find me a slap bracelet. Third: If you're in the Connecticut area, head to The Space in Hamden, CT on December 10th.

Anyone For Tennis? by Business Casual Disco

Cherokee - Take Care Of You
Visti & Meyland - Stars (Rodion Mammarella Remix)
Beatfanatic - Angelic Crusaders
Rayko vs Dynamicron - Foreign Affair (Rayko Version)
Tape to Tape - Pure & Easy
Toomy Disco - Static Friction (Mario Basanov Remix)
Small Pyramids - I Want Blood
Proper Heat - We Are Ready (Max Essa Disco Dub)
Mirror People - Echo LIfe (Social Disco Club Remix)
Cyclist - Bass Face (Hemingway Space Party Remix)
Niki & The Dove - Mother Protect (Gold Room Remix)
Sare Havlicek - Pleasure Storm (Original Mix)
Tiger & Woods - Deflowered
Moby - Mistake (Yuksek Remix)
Aeroplane - Save Me Now
Black Van - Yearning

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  1. I effing love these guys. I was pretty much a bass junky all my life, and am not ashamed to admit I played my part in promoting and fascilitating dubstep events in the greater New Haven area this summer. But then I met Coltrane. That night, a DJ saved my life.

    Since then, I have looked forward to every possible opportunity to party with Coltrane or BCD. If you're in the New Haven, CT area, check out Stella Blues (204 Crown St, New Haven) where DJ Norrin (Christopher Ashcroft) hosts the weekly EDM event ::CONNECTED:: and where Coltrane often plays set breaks for everything from the funky (but tradtional) Brass Tacks to the innovative and experimental Higher Organix, as well as headlining their own events.

    Also, keep an eye out for new mixes to come from DJs Coltrane and ConnetICON, known collectively as "The Vinyl Destination." Their new and exciting tag-team sets have been tearing up the dance floors with smooth, sexy, panty-droppin', disco-y goodness from Providence down the CT shoreline.

    See you on the dance floor.
    - Artie Shmutz (aka DirtyG$)