Friday, September 16, 2011

Social Disco Club - HOT in Here September Mix

There has been some great stuff released week. More than I've gotten a chance to to post. No worries though, I'm more than happy to keep sharing them all with you! (Or at least try)

Social Disco Club released a September mix, "HOT in Here", just the other day. I've been jamming out to it and I think it's perfect to get things going this Friday!

There's good blend of disco in this mix. It starts with some happy Nu-Disco, then makes it's way into some bouncy Disco-House. Things take a turn to the dark and weird a little after the half-way point...and I'm totally into that! To close, there's a uplifting old school Disco track followed by Soft Rock's way-out-there and fun,"We Hunt Buffalo Now" .

Short and sweet post, for a great mix. More dance party worthy stuff on they way. Happy Friday!

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