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DPC Summer Series GuestMix Vol 1: Billy Bogus - Euro Disco Shit

Finally, it has arrived!

The first installment of The Dance Party Chronicles Summer Series GuestMixes, or The DPCSSGM’s -you know how D.C. folk love their acronyms-. We’ve got some exclusive and very exciting mixes lined up from some of our favorite DJs we'll be cranking them out for you all summer long! It’s been tough keeping them under wraps since we got them locked down. But I’m ecstatic to be able to finally kick things off with Italian Maestro of weird, Billy Bogus.

You may remember Mr. Bogus from a prior post. If you’re unfamiliar with the DJ/Producer/Label Boss/connoisseur of off-beat, let’s get you up to speed.Niccolò ”Billy Bogus” Bruni is founder of Pizzico Records. On top of being a great DJ, as a producer, he’s got a full length LP, “Night Movie”, released under Nang records:

Billy also has a number EPs and remixes under his belt, and the word is there’s some exciting stuff to come from himself and Pizzico...

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"Niccolò" was kind enough to do a little Q&A session with us.

DPC:     It seems like there’s a separation of Billy and Niccolò. Sort of like an actor versus his character on screen. How would you describe the two?

Niccolò:      Niccolò, it’s me behind the screen: everything making my label Pizzico or side projects move is done in total autonomy or with the help of few trusted people. I’m working with music, records, gigs and events since fifteen years so I can say "Niccolò" is the array of energies and experience in this crazy kind of work, so beautiful and so ephemeral.

     Instead Billy is just the better way to express myself artistically and, at the same time, what i really think about reality: for example that even if today all seem to be available there’s a lot of hidden things to discover, in music as in life and life generally teached me that what is hidden is often worth to be discovered and what is already revealed is no doubt less curious.. It’s why Billy tends to despise clichés, in club music as in life.. i sincerely hope this emerges from what i’m trying to do through my productions and my lifestyle too.

DPC:     Your label just celebrated an anniversary, congratulations! Can you tell us what we might expect from Pizzico in the near future?

Niccolò:      The future, yeah probably, maybe the past as well! My label Pizzico is now five years old, I can remember when the label was born we used to play old dusty disco records at the club when everyone wanted to hear minimal house in Europe so we were definitely hazardous and anti clichés. We still feel like this! We've just released  a five years compilation on vinyl called "Tabernacle". The first EPs is out now including disco artists as Space Ranger, Mushrooms Project, Loudtone and myself. Pizzico's future looks radiant: three EPs plus a lot of new singles, some brand new artists and (if everything works) a couple of albums. The schedule is really hot and we are ready to go!

Check out part 1 of the Tabernacle Complication of EPs:
The Tabernacle Compilation – ep 1 (12″) by Pizzico Records

DPC: What can we expect from Billy this year?

Niccolò: You can expect much stuff from Mr. Bogus as well. After my first album for London Nang “Night Movie” here comes a remix album called “The Remake” including reworks by disco artists that I really respect, like Discodromo, The Heels Of Love, Kael Misko, Enzo Ponzio and many more. Now I’m doing a lot of remixes, one for Avanti, out of Mexico, will be out soon, and another one for Rodion & Mammarella is under construction. I would love to have more time to start working on my new full length album but it’s not easy at all..

DPC: What sort of music and artists have you been listening to lately.

Niccolò:  As you can notice in my mix, I’m enjoying Mexican Electrique Music at the moment, first and last tracks of the mixes are from this huge label. Their tunes sound simple and straight to dancefloor, a dose of electro and disco as first “Chicken Lips” used to do… loving that style, even more when it goes more housy. Besides that i'm listening now to some Ninja Tune stuff from the 90’s and lot of jazz as Herbie Hancock and Italian new wave, obscure stuff even if we’re moving to summertime i know.. but that's Bogus style too.

DPC:  Can we look forward to a North American tour?

Niccolò:    Starting from my first album release i had the pleasure to get much interest from North and South America, i’m in touch with some huge situations over there, i sincerely hope there will be occasions for some funny gigs very soon!

DPC:     It’s not secret you love some weird/off-beat cinema. Share with us your top 5 favorites.

Niccolò:   A month ago a notorious italian mag made me the same question but there wasn’t enough space on the paper for my answer cause i added a juicy explanation of each choice, so i’ll try to be synthetic with you ;)

 1) Abel Ferrara – the addiction 
 2) Nico D’Alessandria – l’imperatore di Roma
 3) Bruno Bozzetto – Vip
 4) Lucio Fulci – una sull’altra
 5) Vadim, Malle, Fellini - Histoires extraordinaires

 That’s right they all italian productions with some american and french co-operations.

[Umm Wut?]

Thanks for the interview, Billy/Niccolò!

Here’s what you came here. The first GuestMix of a very exciting Summer Series. I had the pleasure getting an early listen to it, and could not be more pleased to add this to our collection and share with you all.

Normally, at this point, you’d get a briefing on some interesting sections of the mix. But I’ve decided to go with something that’s in the same vein as Billy Bogus’ character. Because, just like Billy’s persona, this mix is out there. It’s whirlwind of Italo flavored sometimes techy sometimes disco, hard-hitting and weird synth. It’s a journey; a dark voyage, better yet, it’s a sonic acid trip gone bad:

The euphoria The discophoria tempts you to let your guard down, and just when you do...BAM the soundscape takes you somewhere deep, unfamiliar, and strange.

You’ve been warned...but that shouldn’t stop your wanderlust though. You’ll begin to recognize where you’ve arrived.

Step inside that poorly lit basement with its sweaty walls and people. There’s the familiar odor generated from a cluster of bodies in motion. You see the faces, mostly closed eyed and entranced by the deep pulse of house, on heads swaying the carelessly about. You’ve never been there, but at the same time you know it too well. You question it momentarily, but in the end you let go, and dance.

woah. That got a little heady, didn’t it? The world of Mr. Bogus has that effect, and I think you’ll enjoy this trip of a mix he’s put together for us.


02.Brioski - Last Day Here [Sportloto Juno Revenge Mix]
04.Heatsick - Dream Tennis
05.Billy Bogus - Older
06. In Flagranti - Humdrum
07.Ajello feat. Hard Ton - dream of paradise (Andy Meecham extended vocal)
08.China - Say What
09.LouLou Players, Kolombo - We Gonna Use What We Got_Original Mix
10.JaneFondas - Too Late
11.Los Encargados - Creo Que Estamos Bailando (Premini Edit)
12.Nima Gorji - Forbidden Ritual
13.Kerrier District - New York 127.1
14.Tight - Sunday Ride

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Stay tuned for the next installment of our GuestMix Summer Series.....

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