Friday, May 4, 2012

Groove: Podcast - David August 07

It was already mentioned how much fun DPC had this past weekend, but an integral part of the story needs to be addressed.

If you would please draw your attention to Figure 1, "DPC Presents: A Long Ass Walk to the Lincoln," you will see that a substantially large group of us decided to go to the Lincoln Memorial at 6:45 in the morning. *Spoiler Alert: It's a bad idea when everyone is in the clothes they were wearing the night before. Good idea? Playing soccer the entire way to good ol' Abe Lincoln.

Figure 1: DPC Presents: A Long Ass Walk to Lincoln
And now that I have shown you that my drawing skills could rival any 8 year old, I can wow you with my musical taste ;)

Friday's mix comes to us from 20 year old Berlin-native, DJ/Producer David August of Diynamic Music. This is a record label that is on my radar and I am patiently waiting the day when I see a showcase of theirs.

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We've featured him on the blog before, so it should come to no surprise that when I came across this I immediately began listening to the podcast courtesy of Groove Magazine. The opening track, "Let me be Your Soul" by Dino Ross caught my attention with the funky guitar riffs and I was immediately sucked in. At 6:40, the track went into a soulful Jamie Jones edit, "Set you Free," which made me feel like I had stepped into a time machine where I could find my 20-something year old parents dancing the night away.

The journey continued as the mix progressed into "Shake your Body" by the New Orleans' eight piece funk band, Chocolate Milk. Truth be told, the track reminded me why I think I should have been born in the 70s and need to be sporting bell-bottoms rather than skinny jeans and yoga pants. Studded with smooth as silk lyrics, percussion and a saxophone solo that could knock your socks off, I'd gladly take disco over dubstep any day.** The latter half of the mix began to showcase August's House Roots and at the 39 minute mark, Dr. Dru's new track, "The Voice of Dru" kicked in.

Doctor Dru - The Voice Of Dru (Snippet) by doctordru

This track is fresh off the press after being released about a week and a half ago off Exploited Records. Between the samples and deep bass which pulse throughout the entire track, I have a feeling this will be getting a lot plays this summer. The mix has a nice way of circling its way back to another 1970s-esque track, "Why Did You Do It" by Strech and after 53 minutes of pure disco-house bliss it's over.

Full mix and tracklist here.

Give this mix a listen and let it be the soundtrack for your weekend. And if you're still in need of a flashback to the disco times, check out the video from DC's last Soul Train party in March. (How many of DPC crew can you spot!?)

The second installment of DC's Soul Train Tribute Party is tonight at The BlackCat DC.
Check our Shows/Events page for details.

**Let it be known that I’d gladly take anything over dubstep any day.

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