Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Magnier (House of Disco) - Slo-mo Radio Mix

Today's mix comes to you from David Magnier.  David Magnier is the founder of The House of Disco.  Much like The Dance Party Chronicles, The House of Disco began as a blog where Magnier could share his disco and house music findings with friends.  While it is still a blog, it has evolved into a record label that has released tracks from the likes of Toomy Disco, Psychemagic, Satin Jackets, Debonair, and Roberto Rodriguez to name a few.  The House of Disco will release their fourth EP, Busy Tone EP, on May 7 and can be previewed below.  Their first three EP's have been stellar and judging from these snippets, this one will be also.  In addition to releasing original material, the House of Disco has a reputation of releasing some top notch Guest Mixes.

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This sexy, slow-mo disco mix, which clocks in at 53:16, generally stays right under 110 beat per minute.  It was featured on the Slo-Mo radio show in Glasgow, UK and it fits the name of the show very well.  The mix starts out with a vibe that can only be described as pure sex.  The track is Bobby McFerrin - Thinkin about your Body (Groovers Edit) and it sets the mood, so to speak, for the rest of the mix.  The third track "Go On and Fly" by Rocco Raimundu is an excellent slow burner that transitions nicely into Pogo's "Alice."  (Check out the YouTube video for this track if you haven't seen it before) One of my favorite tracks in this mix, Doctor Dru + Adana Twin's "Juicy Fruit" starts coming in a little bit after the 27 minute mark.  This song is an edit of an R&B tune released in 1983 by Mtume, also called "Juicy Fruit."  Many people from our generation will recognize the song from the Notorious B.I.G.'s hip-hop hit, "Juicy", which also sampled the same melody and featured similar chorus lyrics. One other track you might want to open your ears for, around 43:30, is a slightly sped up version of Franc Spangler's "Open Eyes." Happy Hump Day everyone, this mix may make you want to do just that.

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