Friday, September 16, 2011

Drop Out Orchestra - Mix Session September 2011

I love when mixes include tracks by the DJ(s) or their own reworks/edits. These always seem to flow very well. I think it's because DJ/producer is able to craft the vibe of the mix more directly to his or her liking. And I'd say that's the case with Drop Out Orchestra's September Mix.

**The September Mix was taken down, and they have their mixes via Download available on their Soundcloud**


01. Gredit - Ben E Slow
02. Lou Teti - Shake (Drop Out Orchestra Reload)
03. Honom - Bedcat
04. Rambla Boys - Cocomero
05. Lou Teti - Love It (Dublin Aunts Rework)
06. Mary Mary - Shackles (Praise You) Drop Out Orchestra Rework
07. Drop Out Orchestra - Ego (Black Strobe Remix)
08. Tronik Youth - Toke-Yo
09. Katzuma - Life In The City
10. Dub On Film (Drop Out Orchestra Rework)
11. Ajello ft Hard Ton - Chocolate Black Leather (Tempelhof Remix)
12. Fabmayday - Disco Verme (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
13. 3io - Born Slippy

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