Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Identity Festival Review - In Numbers

I am really sorry. This is a day or two late, it will probably be a snoozefest for you guys to read, but I felt like I needed to address Identity Festival in one way. We did hype it up so much last week.

I don't want to go into the details because I don't have too many great things to say about the overall festival. But I hate lying. Mainly because I'm really awful at it, but you'd also see right through my 'glowing review'.

The timing never seemed right. DJ Shadow was completely canceled cause storms/downpour of rain, and the outdoors stages ended up getting shut down for the duration of the festival.

I was also asked a few times to buy beer by underage girls. I was probably the wrong person to ask because I'm a girl - that was your first mistake.You always ask boys first, duh. Your second mistake was wearing (insert any highlighter color that could blind you) tank top and orange hats that said, "RAGE".

**taken by Rashad**

I can't say much for myself though; I was running around the festival in an "I Love You But I've Chosen Disco" shirt, and people probably were actively judging me too.

Please take what I'm saying with a grain of salt because everyone should have their own opinion about music. I'm certainly not judging anyone (but really I am), so don't take my review and think it's the end all, be all. Cause it's not. Even though I wish it was because then disco dance parties would reign supreme and cupcakes would be considered a meal.

I had a great time overall (despite what you're about to read below), and I can't leave this post without also thanking our gracious hosts. You guys rule and you took us to the best places in Philly!!

Our asses were late to the party
(Identity Festival being the party, and our asses were late cause we missed these two acts - womp womp), so here's a good rundown of our experience at Identity Festival.... in numbers.

Miles driven to Philadelphia - 136 miles

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Cups of coffee consumed by yours truly in the 3 hour car ride - 4

Minutes it took to crack open our first beer when we got to Philadelphia - 2

Whiskeys taken before we left for Camden - 4

Set time changes that occurred before we left to head to Camden - 3

Employees at Festival who had no idea where Booka Shade was playing - all of them

Employees at Festival who had no idea what the different stages were - all of them

Shirts that made me confused and slightly offended - 1

*taken by Rashad*

Beers consumed while Steve Aoki was playing - not enough

Beers consumed before realizing no matter how drunk we got Steve Aoki would still suck - too many

Times I was actively judging people in the crowd - too many

Times Rashad had to tell me to stop actively judging people in the crowd - three; once during Rusko, once during Aviici, and once when we were taking pictures in front of the main stage.

Neon hats I saw with the word 'RAGE' on it - too many

Times I heard Rashad ask people (the ladies) "Who Wanted to be Internet Famous" - too many (haha sorry!)

Creepy cars we saw in Philly - 1

People we fit in a cab ride from Camden to Philly after the show - 6

Crabs we ate at the crab and beer festival on Saturday - take a wild guess

Showers taken by yours truly while in Philly - 1 (gross, right?)

**And I'm sorry about the crappy photographs by me - clearly I was more interested in other things** And by interested in other things I mean I liked beer too much.


  1. You weren't the only person to give this festival a bad review... I heard awful things about the logistics and tons of underage kids running around. Next time, come to CAMP BAREFOOT!!!

  2. It's okay cause the company was even better! I had a great time despite what my review may say about a few things. I just know that some of it needed to be put out there.

    The logistics really made no sense to me. Also, with so many different artists and people with different musical tastes in one sitting (what do you expect with that many varying artists) it was just asking for trouble from the beginning :(

    Barefoot sounded amazing, Nick! I can't wait to see you this weekend!